CDC (Center For Disease Control & Prevention) or (Corruption, Distraction, Control, Plandemic)

CDC (Center For Disease Control & Prevention) or (Corruption, Distraction, Control, Plandemic)

The world we live in today is changing rapidly. While we all want to believe that our Government and various healthcare organizations have our best interest in mind, it’s now becoming evident that we are living in an “Plandemic” Various organizations, wealthy and/or successful influential leaders are organizing together to install their agenda and a new way of living. A world where an organization like the CDC (Center For Disease Control and Prevention) would actually have your health at the forefront has come and gone.


The CDC abbreviation really stands for, in my opinion, Corruption, Distraction, Control and Plandemic! Here are just a few example of what I mean:


The CDC claims to never accept support from outside industries. Yet in 2016 several CDC researchers/scientists blew a whistle by filing a formal complaint stating various officials were being manipulated by corporate investors. It was later discovered that the CDC was being influenced by Coca-Cola when it was discovered that more than 180,000 deaths occur annually from drinking their beverage!!


In 2016 the CDC itself was found guilty falsifying data in its Wise Woman Heart Disease Prevention data. The case before Congress ended up exposing millions of dollars were allocated to the project after the data was falsified.


Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, is the highest paid CDC director to date, with an annual salary of $375K.


He also supported doomsday models of COVID-19 that have now been completely discredited. Redfield also cut efforts to prevent global disease outbreak by 80%in 2018 in an attempt to “save money”as it was costing to much to solve epidemics (Ebola, H1N1, SARS, MERS etc) This occurred just 1 year before the current COVID pandemic and significantly reduced China’s ability to contain COVID.


Redfield has a horrific track record with cover-ups. In 1992 he was accused of lying about experimental HIV vaccines. Later, in 1993 he was investigated for engaging in illegal relationship with a private HIV vaccine organization, letting their agenda influence the CDC guidelines.


Now we have Redfield and others doing the exact same thing with COVID-19 regulations.During the initial COVID outbreak CDC lab contamination’s were evident and its even been reported that the CDC itself ruined initial testing, sometimes even contaminating initial tests.


In addition, a recent report noted that the CDC lied directly to the US President about their ability to produce testing kits.


The “icing on the cake” was a recent finding where the CDC continued to lie, over and over again, about the death counts,inflating them drastically to induce a level of anxiety, fear and concerns by US citizens.

As I am sure you are aware, the CDC notes that anyone who tests positive for COVID, even if they died from a different organic cause (kidney failure, heart disease, motorcycle injury) the deaths were listed as being “caused by COVID-19.” To make matters worse, in April of 2020 the CDC even announced if a case was “probable” ie the symptoms fit but the tests have not come back yet-you might as well report the case as a positive COVID case-just in case it comes back positive. But don’t forget, when it comes back negative,they did not lower/correct the initial reporting.


As if the above was not enough, recent CDC guidelines for state re-openings (Phase I, II, III) were rejected by President Trump due to their blatant violation of religious freedoms in the US and their evident harm to the American economy.


Here’s what is even more disturbing-you will never see any of what I just listed in mainstream media.Lies and corruption are now so inherent in society today that mostof us simply do not pay attention tothe somewhat outrageous, remarkable realities (unless you are willing to seek the truth). I hope you realize you can no longer trust the media, CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX, almost all major news outlets and even Google (Which btw has a sister company “Alphabet INC” that launched 2 pharmaceutical companies in 2019 (if you don’t think the influences the reporting of search results, think again!)


Institutions that were once based on truthful, journalistic integrity are now mouthpieces for the various industries that sponsor them. The almighty dollar (presenting itself in the form of advertising revenue and/or political favor) has corrupted the industry so completely that it is almost impossible to find a true source of integrity anymore.


That is why I am dedicating myself to doing what no one will, expose the information that is purposelybeing withheld from you. Now it’s your decision to decide what do you do with that!


Over the upcoming weeks I encourage you follow the Ask DrErnst social channels ( AskDrErnst on each Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram). I will continue to post truths each day and they will remain,that is until the becomes filtered because sometimes the truth is too hard to handle and they will even filter my delivery of them to you!