EMFs, Your Health & Chronic Disease

EMFs, Your Health & Chronic Disease

Let’s do a little thought exercise. Try to imagine you can see electromagnetic frequencies. Maybe they look like colors, or a rainbow or lines moving through the air in your mind. Imagine them all around you. A cell phone signal whizzes by your head. Text messages bounce back and forth. Fourteen Wi-Fi signals flow through your living room from all of your surrounding neighbors. A TV signal comes flying in and attaches to your TV set. Radio waves slowly meander by (they are one of the slowest waves), following every passing car.

These signals are EVERYWHERE.

Now imagine that same space 50 years ago. Some TV, sure. Radio, definitely. But the electromagnetic environment was much, much quieter.

Sure, these frequencies are incredibly useful. The Internet and information sharing has re-shaped how we live our lives in so many ways. But we’re “moving forward” incredibly fast and not taking enough time to consider how these sorts of things affect human health.

Doctors often use a book to help them diagnose disease. It is called the ICD-10 and it contains a very new disease called “EMF Syndrome.” Too much exposure to EMFs can cause everything from GI issues, fatigue AND insomnia, muscle aches, headaches, generalized pain, tingling in the limbs, GI issues and even infertility.

What many don’t realize is that WE are also electromagnetically charged. The human body is charged with electricity, and it is crucial for our ability to function, not the least of which is related to the sending and receiving of electrical signals to and from the brain. But that’s not all.

EMFs Damage The Immune System 

Interestingly, your body reacts to EMFs like it would to viruses. Furthermore, EMFs actually excite viruses that are lying dormant in your body. This naturally sparks an immune response, causes inflammation and keeps your immune system always stressed out. A study by the German Health Institute, headed by a Dr. Klinghardt, found that even seven minutes of phone radiation can activate dormant Epstein Barr virus.

One of the major issues is that with a stressed out immune system is that when an outside infection does arise, you are ill-equipped to handle it. You get sick more easily and for longer periods of time.

EMFs reduce your red blood cells as well. This can lead to poor oxygenation, iron deficiencies and difficulties with clotting. It also seems to be linked to bruising more easily, which does have something to do with your iron content.

What Can You Do About EMF Exposure?

There is probably no way to completely and totally eliminate your exposure to EMFs. This guy seems to have come close, but it’s an extreme lifestyle that few people would be willing to replicate–and no one would think less of you for it.

Cities, suburbs, even towns of 20,000 or more are going to be brimming with EMFs. And most of us have little other choice than to live in these places as our jobs and families are there. So you need to find other ways.

Here are several things you can do:

  • Hardwire what you can. Is it possible to plug your computer into the wall directly rather than rely on Wi-Fi signals? Can you plug your TV into the cable? Try to rely on airborne signals to the least possible amount.
  • If you are using wireless devices, get tools that allow you to keep your distance. For example, if you’re talking on your cellular phone, try using a headset when appropriate.
  • Speaking of cell phones, don’t have it in bed with you. It’s sending and receiving signals next to you all night. 44% of people sleep next to their phones. Just put it in a different room and get an alarm clock.
  • Also, kids tend to be more sensitive to EMFs. Keep them away from your phone. Don’t give them a phone. Hardwire their computers.
  • Cell phones in your pocket is not a good idea. It sits in there transmitting and receiving EMFs right into and through your reproductive organs. If you can put it in a bag or purse, you’ll be better off.

The more you can minimize your exposure, the better. It’s an electronic world out there, and that means you need to adjust your lifestyle and protect yourself and your family as much as possible.