Functional Medicine – Now Available in Charlotte, NC!

Functional Medicine – Now Available in Charlotte, NC!

Have your friends/family asked how you are getting such wonderful results since starting care? Be honest – do you hesitate to tell them it’s the results of your chiropractic care? I had a patient pull me aside last week and ask me “how do I tell them about what ‘this’ is?” – ‘this’ being the very thing we do here – educate you on the true meaning of health, implement a custom therapy plan designed to increase your body’sea natural ability to function and heal itself.

Why not just tell your friends and family you are under the care of a “Functional Medicine Doctor” – because you are!

What Is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a new branch of health care that is taking a clear stand in direct opposition of allopathic medicine (your classic prescribing physician – MD) by identifying and addressing the underlying root cause. Functional medicine views your body as a complex wholly integrated system (i.e. each part affects another – the interconnectedness of all body systems). Allopathic medicine, in contrast, tends to view your body as a complex machine with separate parts – systems if you will – that are unique and non-interactive. As a whole, allopathic medicine diagnoses a condition, prescribes medication or surgery and focuses mostly on the treatment/alteration of symptoms.

How Is Functional Medicine Different?

I hope you can see from the description above that functional medicine differs mostly in its philosophy and acknowledgment of the body as a integrative whole which, if disease is present, indicates a cause (usually viewed as an interference or something to investigate as the root underlying cause(s). The therapy is also wildly different as nearly all functional medicine doctor’s work to reduce/eliminate their patients’ medications, rather than prescribe one or more. Most functional medicine doctors employ dietary coaching, supplemental therapies (herbs, vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes/co-enzymes and detoxifiers) in conjunction with lifestyle habits and health coaching.

Is Functional Medicine Covered by Insurance?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and the answer is “It Depends.” One way is to ask if your policy include benefits for alternative care providers (acupuncture, massage, energy work etc.)

The majority of “major carriers” will bundle functional medicine into your “Out Of Network” or Specialty categories – which often means you do have reimbursements possible (40-80%) once a deductible is applied. Best to call in advance and ask for your benefits directly. No coverage – no problem – most functional practitioners are aware their services may not be covered and offer competitive pricing (especially when compared to the costs of allopathic care. For example – a powerful and effective gallbladder detox can be done for $100-150 and the results have saved many from having surgical removal which can cost $5,000 – $10,000).

Why Would You Want to Switch to Functional Medicine?
For starters, functional medicine is for those individuals wanting a doctor who will help find the cause(s) of your health issues, define a customized plan to reduce/eliminate medications and possibly reverse/cure whatever diagnosis/disease you are seeking care for.

Would you agree that our nation is experiencing one of the largest explosions in sickness, mostly in the chronic lifestyle induced diseases (diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, cancer, auto-immune disorders etc.). While we do have an outstanding “medical system” available – mostly its usage is only designed for acute, life threatening conditions (fractured bones, acute infections, appendicitis, trauma etc.). The care and concern given in these situations is truly one meant to provide immediate action, prevent deterioration or worsening (if possible) and simply treat the immediate problem/symptom.

This “Acute Care” system we now call “health care” was never designed to equip doctors or patients with a real chance at preventing or reversing disease. In most cases the only examinations preformed are those designed to determine which medication or surgery needs to be performed – rather than looking for the underlying “why” did this happen (ok we know the why with traumas, but what about why your body is attacking itself (auto-immune), why your sugars are high even though your vegetarian (diabetes) and why your blood pressure is high when there is no history or lab results to explain (heart disease). Let’s certainly not forget about cancer (which we have been “searching” for a cure for nearly 80 years and still haven’t found it yet??? (or have we 🙂 and BigPharma / Govt are preventing you from knowing it? (PS – the latter is the truth)

Is Functional Medicine Supported by Research (aka Where’s The Evidence)?
Are you ok if I tell you there is a HUGE, wait – that’s not even an accurate description – a COLOSSAL gap between what the research says and the way doctors’ practice today? Much of what you consider “modern medicine” is based on research that is 50-60 years old! If you were to do the hard science – you will see nearly all MEDICAL (yes allopathic MD) research is suggesting there is an underling cause to most, if not all, health conditions. Here’s just a few of the 2018/2019 research topics to show you cause
Heart Disease: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Sugar Induced Inflammation, Neurological Interference, Microbiome Disruption
Diabetes: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Sugar Induced Inflammation, Neurological Interference, Microbiome Disruption 
 Auto-Immune: Heavy Metal Toxicity, Sugar Induced Inflammation, Neurological Interference, Microbiome Disruption
Cancer: Hormone Imbalance, Viral Infection, Hypoxia, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Sugar Induced Inflammation, Neurological Interference, Microbiome Disruption


Do you see the trend?? For more research articles showing functional medicine to be the future of health care visit:, and (Institute for Functional Medicine)
Are Functional Medicine Doctors “Real Doctors?”
Yes, in the sense they have a doctoral degree in health care, have training and state/board certification. No in the sense they are not MDs – nor do they want to be – again because a functional medicine doctor will be one you go to in-order to heal naturally vs manage symptoms chronically via medications/surgery


Dr. Aaron Ernst is a doctor of functional medicine and is located in North Charlotte. Set up a free 15 minute consultation today to see how he can help you heal the natural way! Whether you’re located in Charlotte and the surrounding areas or anywhere else in the entire United States, Dr. Ernst is here to work with you.