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Overcoming Constipation, A Common Effect With Detox/Ketosis

Let’s face it… there’s a good chance you have had to deal with some constipation at some point. Having good bowel habits may be one of the most...
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Feeling Tired, Unmotivated or “Out Of Sorts?” It Could Be DOPAMINE

Dopamine is one of the many neurotransmitters used by your brain for its day to day function. Dopamine is unique in that it is one of the main...
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So Many “Non-Dairy” Milks – Which One Should I Choose?

Would it come as a shock if I told you that 45 million dollars is allocated annually for “diary advertising” in the US? Yes, the “Milk Mustached” celebrates...
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Histamine Intolerance Could Explain Headaches, Bloating & More

Histamine has long been associated with runny noses, itchy/inflamed skin from an allergic reaction and common allergies (most OTC allergy medications are histamine blockers). Just recently, however, a...
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Benefits of AIP Diet (Auto-Immune Paleo) & Why It’s For Everyone

This past weekend I was at a functional medicine conference titled “Leaky Gut and Auto-Immunity” presented by Dr. Kari Vernon. She brought together more than 20 years of...
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Cant Sleep? Have You Tried These Natural Remedies?

Set A Sleep Temperature: The temperature that is scientifically proven to assist your ability to fall, and stay asleep, is between 60 and 72 degrees F. Most Americans...
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Shingles: The Unspoken Truth – It’s A Nerve Problem!

Shingles - a condition you won’t think twice about - until you have it, then it’s the only thing you can think about! AKA “Herpes Zoster”, shingles is...
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Your Gums (& Mouth) Are Connected To Your Health

Gingivitis, aka red inflamed/puffy gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing, is a very common periodontal disease. Chances are your gums have some degree of gingivitis and...
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Have You Noticed?? STORAGE UNITS Are Everywhere!

It’s nearly impossible to go for you to take short drive in Charlotte without seeing a self-storage unit (or two). In fact, there are 5 within a 5-min...
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Negative Ions Have a Positive Effect On Your Health

By definition, a negative ion is any single atom that extra negative election. In regards to those beneficial to your health it is an Oxygen atom that has...

Dr. Ernst’s Guide to Costco

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A Miracle Cure Or A Divinely Created Healing Product?

Recently scientists have isolated the unique molecule that gives olive oil, with its multitude of health and life-extending benefits, even more power. Oleuropein, a specific polyphenol found in...