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Shingles: The Unspoken Truth – It’s A Nerve Problem!

Shingles - a condition you won’t think twice about - until you have it, then it’s the only thing you can think about! AKA “Herpes Zoster”, shingles is...
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Your Gums (& Mouth) Are Connected To Your Health

Gingivitis, aka red inflamed/puffy gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing, is a very common periodontal disease. Chances are your gums have some degree of gingivitis and...
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Have You Noticed?? STORAGE UNITS Are Everywhere!

It’s nearly impossible to go for you to take short drive in Charlotte without seeing a self-storage unit (or two). In fact, there are 5 within a 5-min...
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Negative Ions Have a Positive Effect On Your Health

By definition, a negative ion is any single atom that extra negative election. In regards to those beneficial to your health it is an Oxygen atom that has...

Dr. Ernst’s Guide to Costco

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A Miracle Cure Or A Divinely Created Healing Product?

Recently scientists have isolated the unique molecule that gives olive oil, with its multitude of health and life-extending benefits, even more power. Oleuropein, a specific polyphenol found in...
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Traveling (By Plane or Car) & How To Stay “On Diet”

One of the most difficult struggles with travel can be sticking with your healing diet - but don’t let that hold you back from enjoying your travels. The...
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What You Need to Know About MOLD & Your Current Health Frustration

The understanding of mold toxins and their connection to health issues is greatly misunderstood by most classically trained medical physicians. They do acknowledge Mold Allergy - which they...
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Cancer Causing Toxin Found in Majority of US Foods

In light of the recent “RoundUp” law suit and the news of the nearly $2 Billion jury verdict issued against Bayer (owner of Monsanto, which produces RoundUP) towards...
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Engineered Diseases – What You Need To Know

Would it come as a surprise if I told you that our government has engineered many different diseases - some as biological weapons and others as common, every...
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Pumpkin Seeds: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer And Health

Pumpkin seeds are one food that you probably didn’t realize have a-lot of research behind their extremely powerful health benefits. In addition to being anti-parasitic, bacterial and fungal,...
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Watch Out For “Dirty Keto” Foods!

Keto diet has become all the rage as of late - and for good reason - IT WORKS! (depending on what you are qualifying as working - for...