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Nutrition: What Do I Need? How Much? And Who Can I Trust?

Nutrition: What Do I Need? How Much? And Who Can I Trust?

If you're like most people these days, food labels, the nutrients you need, how and where to get them and how much of which vitamin or mineral you...

The Skinny (or Fat) On Hormones

So, what is a hormone? We’ve all heard about hormones—we might even know the names of some hormones, particularly testosterone and estrogen. But what are they really? Hormones...
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Not All Eggs Are Created Equal

Egg labels are confusing. Deceptive or poor labeling has been an issue in the sale of eggs practically since they started leaving the farm. However, armed with the...
The Four "R"s of Fixing Your Microbiome

The Four "R"s of Fixing Your Microbiome

Fix your gut; fix your immune system. Here's how using Dr. Aaron's "4 R's" of Gut Repair.
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Is Your Salad Dressing Killing Your Weight Loss?

You may be wondering why your weight loss plan isn’t working even though you’ve made salads a mainstay in your diet. Certain kinds of saboteurs are easy to...
Taking Back the Hippocratic Oath

Taking Back the Hippocratic Oath

Most of you have probably heard of Hippocrates. He was a Greek physician in around 300 B.C. and is known as the “father of Western medicine." Nowadays, every...
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Look Out for Over-the-Counter Side Effects

Every drug has side effects. Everything you put into your body affects it somehow or another. In general--with the exception of poisonous plants and venom and dangerous pathogens--the...
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The Ins and Outs of a Lemon Water Fast

One of the most beneficial ways to detox is by going on a water fast. We use lemon water because, well, it’s nice to have a little flavor,...
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All You Need To Know About Blood Pressure

High blood pressure stats 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. That’s about one-third of the population. Another one-third has prehypertension, meaning their blood pressure is on...
Are we harming our pets by what we feed them?

Are we harming our pets by what we feed them?

The following is a guest post by Dr. Carrie Uehlein of Veterinary Hospital of Davidson in Davidson, NC. Her hospital specializes in holistic care for pets, and we...
Cancer & The Power Of Frankincense Oil

Cancer & The Power Of Frankincense Oil

For over 5,000 years frankincense has been used to support the immune system, fight infection and cure disease. Today the most common benefits of Frankincense include: Reduces Inflammation,...
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The Dr. Ernst Guide to Ketosis

If you’ve been in the office and were told that you either ARE or NEED TO BE in “ketosis,” this is for you. Our staff no doubt explained...