Energy: Heal Thyself Masterclass
Saturday December 10th @ 10 AM EST

Learn how to naturally Heal from diabetes, Heart Disease (Blood Pressure, Cholesterol), Thyroid, Arthritis, and even Weight Loss Resistance In As Little As 90 Days Using A Proven Biblical Method Of Healing!

Naturally Heal From Any Health Condition

The average American takes 2.5 medications to “manage” their health.  Why not REVERSE your condition the way God Intended – your body healing itself!

Your body has the capacity to regenerate, but YOU need to engage the steps to recovery.

Did you know interference in your NERVOUS SYSTEM can dampen your natural healing energy?

Did you know that a disrupted MICROBIOME can weaken your immune system making it even harder to heal?

Did you know that HEAVY METALS and PESTICIDES are the #1 TOXIN holding your body back from outrageous energy and healing?

This Mastercalss is absolutely FREE!

We will show you how to identify if you have these interferences, how you can even test for them from the comfort of your own home, and how you can begin to reduce/remove them immediately to bring a level of healing to your body that you only thought could come through a miracle!

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About The Masterclass

Naturally Heal From Any Health Condition
It doesn’t matter what your MD has said you have (diabetes, heart disease, thyroid issues, MS, arthritis, degeneration etc)  all of these conditions are really SYMPTOMS of an underlying ROOT cause.  Do you know your ROOT CAUSE?  For example, heavy metal toxicity can cause all of the above.  A damaged microbiome (aka leaky gut) can also cause all of the above.  Vagal nerve interference can also cause all of the above.  The secret to self-healing is to STOP MANAGING your condition with medications and medical visits and START HEALING your body by identifying and removing the interference which are blocking your natural ability to heal!

Your Body Has The Capacity To Regenerate BUT you need to engage The Steps To Heal
If you broke a bone in your body – would it heal? YES, in fact it only takes 6-8 weeks for a bone to completely regenerate!   If your body can regenerate bone why can’t it regenerate your joints, organs or hormone receptors? IT CAN and it WILL but only once you remove what is blocking that healing from happening in the first place.   Look, your body wants to live.  It wants to be healthy!  You simply need to allow it and stop blocking it with your lifestyle choices.  Redefine the definition of health as all systems functioning to their 100% God-given capacity and you will instantly begin to HEAL!

This Webinar is ABSOLUTELY 100% Free
A lot of webinars are there to get you to buy a product or widget.  None of that on this webinar.  Its 100% free to attend and you have no obilgation to do anyting, however I hope you pay attention, take notes and consider adopting this biblical approach to health – afterall it could be the answer to the prayer you have bene praying all this time!


About The Host

Dr. Aaron Ernst, DC, DNM, DHS, LMP, PScD

Thomas Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in the care of the HUMAN FRAME, in DIET and in the CAUSE & PREVENTION of disease.”

The future is now and I get the privilege to work even day in a field which teaches patients how to increase their spinal neurology while decreasing cellular toxicity and improving the digestive-microbiome.  Together these three core foundations are the cause and cure of chronic health issues.

Applying this principle in clinical practice has resulted in thousands of people reversing conditions medicine called incurable. 

When you identify and remove these interferences you activate the bodies innate capacity to heal itself – it happens no other way.


What You Will Learn On This Webinar

1.  How to IDENTIFY and REVERSE chronic health conditions (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, Arthritis, MS and more)

2.  The TRUE CAUSE of why so many Americans are TIRED and OVERWEIGHT.  Learn how hormone imbalances are not a hormone issue but a receptor issue and how you can reset your hormones in just a few weeks to BURN FAT and become ENERGIZED.

3. Why CALORIE COUNTING and DIET RESTRICTIONS don’t work when it comes to your health.  You cant “eat” your way out of most major health issues.  While diet is important – it’s not a core foundation of your health.  After all – don’t vegans have a GREAT diet, yet many of them are VERY SICK!

4. Why the tests offered by MEDICAL DOCTORS are limited and restricted – Afterall if you found the cause of your condition and reversed it you would heal and not need their “monthly subscriptions” aka Prescriptions

5. Which tests are needed to LOCATE and IDENTIFY your root cause.  Most of them are done at home – which means you don’t even need to go to a clinic to become your own SELF HEALER!

6. A simple 3-Step healing system that has been used in over 40,000 clients successfully reversing diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid issues, psoriasis, arthritis, dermatitis, IBS/IBD, and even cancer!

How Do I Register?

Spots are available on a 1st come 1st serve basis!  In order to give everyone time to have thier questions answered (it is a live webinar after all) we are limiting this webinar to the first 100 people registered.

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