72 Hours = Full Immune Reset

By Dr Ernst
January 3, 2019

Does your New Year’s resolution list one again have “improve my health?” or “lose weight?” If the answer is yes, it only takes 72 hours (3 days) to significantly accomplish those resolutions.

A recent study showed that fasting for 3 days can ignite a complete regeneration of the entire immune system and even reverse damage to joints and organs through the activation of your body’s own stem cells.

The research comes from the University of Southern California and the researches described their findings as
“remarkable” – mostly due to the fact that it was previous believed that stem cells could only be activated via physical exaction and re-injection or chemical stimulation. Those theories often carry a hefty price (sometimes into tens of thousands of dollars). Why would someone pay that price – because stem cell
therapies do work and can prevent many from surgical procedures, which carry multiple risks.

The results of this study imply you can get the benefits of stem cell activation without the significant out of pocket price.

How does prolonged fasting reset the
immune system?

Fasting for 72 hours forces you body to undergo a metabolic switch, deplete stored glucose, burning fat and generating
ketones for energy. This process also results in a significant break down of white blood cells. This depletion induces a chemical signal for the body to activate stem cells to regenerate new white blood cells. In addition, an enzyme called PKA which is associated with increased risks for cancer and tumor growth, decreased significantly when fasting for 72 hours.

These internal reactions allow your body to literally “rebuild itself” regenerating new healthier white blood cells which are the very cells responsible for prevention of infections conditions such as common cold, pneumonia or other
viral/bacterial infections that can affect organs.

Additional Benefits of Prolonged Fasting:

You will more than likely experience weight loss.
Most long-term fasts result in replacing solid foods with a liquid, such as protein shakes, vegetable or bone broth or various versions of water (salt water, lemon water, alkaline water, plain water etc), which helps to physically flush toxins from the body by sheer volume. Additionally, as your body begins to deplete its glucose and glycogen storage and you switch to utilizing fat for energy your body physically burns water for energy as its an essential ingredient in burning fat for energy. This is why you will always see a reduction in body fat percentage when your body hydration rates increase. As you begin to burn fat for energy you will also physically see a reduction in body weight simply because of reducing the amount of stored fats. Note: weight loss during these three days can be anything from a few pounds up to weight loss within the double digits.

Your body will begin to “eat” diseased tissues.
This is by far the most exciting effect of fasting because your body has the capacity to know what needs to go and what needs to stay. Unlike medical therapies for disease (which often target only a select symptom of a health condition) the innate wisdom of your immune system has the ability to selectively target only diseased areas for elimination. This process is scientifically known as “Autophagy” or “self-eating” When a cell is marked as abnormal or
“diseased” by your newly regenerated immune system the sick cell will extinguish itself. Note: This process only occurs on the 3rd day of fasting and is the reason most people describe a sensation of feeling “sick or weak” on the 3rd day. It’s important to note this is because of your body cleaning itself and you should not break the fast simply because of feeling tired or weak. Push through and as you recover on the 4th day you can celebrate with an understanding that you have just replaced diseased cells with young healthy cells.

Your brain will become clear and focused.

For most people, the thought of being mentally clear and focused
after not eating may seem like a foreign concept. But ponder this: when we were hunters and gathers and hadn’t eaten for several days we needed the ability to come up with new ideas in order to get food. Our ability to cynically think actually improves when you withhold food. Research is connecting the dots on these
phenomena as a symptom of the brain using ketone bodies for energy instead of sugar. In a state of ketosis (having detectible ketones bodies in your blood) your brain produces more BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor). BDNF is responsible for formation of current and new neural pathways, stimulation of
synaptic chemicals (epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, serotonin and dopamine) as well as formation and integration of new memories.

Three Is A Very Significant Number Biblically.
The number three is not only the symbol of the triune nature of God, but it also signifies growth and multiplication. It’s no coincidence the research says all benefits described above only happen on the 3rd day of fasting and not on the 2nd or 4th days.

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