Big God – Big News For Cornerstone Health Center

By Dr Ernst
August 25, 2022

It is an honor to share with you some incredible news about what God is doing in our health ministry at Cornerstone Health Center. Many of you know, because you are still patients, Cornerstone Health Center opened in November 2008, the day after Thanksgiving Day. Drs. Aaron and Sarah Ernst, had moved here just two months prior to Charlotte with a vision to bring a new way of Chiropractic and health education to the North Charlotte area.

We were faced with a lot of challenges in that season. We were forced to grow a new business in the middle of a recession. This was character and faith building for the doctors and paved the way to handle the many challenges over the last 14 years. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle.

With the help of God, blood, sweat and lots of tears and some business savvy coaches we were reaching up to 250 people per week in just a few months of opening and eventually increasing that number to 500 a week within the first year. Together we have done over a million adjustments and facilitated healing for thousands.

Over the last 14 years, with Gods help, we have been have spent countless hours learning how to heal our bodies from the inside out, including specialized corrective Chiropractic care, functional nutrition, supportive supplementation and detoxification.

We have also been introduced to alternative modalities to assist with even the most difficult cases, most of which were learned during Dr. Sarah’s health crisis back in 2011. We have seen countless miracles from patients healing naturally from diabetes to thyroid conditions to even chronic pain.

We know God is moving because he is opening doors for us to expand into more locations around the Charlotte area. Many of you drive from all over the state of North Carolina as well as from other states to receive the benefits of the healthcare we provide. We want to be able to reach you!

Cornerstone Health Center is proud to announce that we will be joining efforts with an already established mission based Chiropractic practice in South Charlotte. Dr. Jeff Ashforth has been in practice for more than 20 years in South Charlotte.

He has also trained with the most influential Chiropractors in the world. He has been great friends and colleagues of Drs Aaron and Sarah Ernst for the last 14 years.

They have trained together, have the same values and philosophy about Chiropractic and how the body heals. Dr. Ashforth will continue to serve the South Charlotte community at his current location under the Cornerstone Health Center umbrella.

While his current office, located at, 10027 Park Cedar Drive Unit 150, Charlotte, is undergoing transformation over the next 6-8 weeks, he will be at our North location, 9401-H Statesville Road, working full time.

He will be assisting in all areas of support for the office, from adjusting patients, to taking X-rays, to even meeting you during an exam. He will also be seeing his current patient base out of the North office until construction is complete.

This will allow him to learn the current systems we use and implement them in the South office. Many of you from the North office have already shown interest in transferring to a South location.

YES YOU CAN!! However, we know this process will take time. There will be a transition time which includes preparation for us to be able to handle an increase patient load. We anticipate the opportunity to transfer to the South location by November/December 2022.

If you are currently a patient of Dr. Ashforth, we anticipate your ability to start back under his care at the South office after renovations are complete. We expect renovations to be completed by the end of September 2022. Initially upon opening the South location, we will be limited in hours to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding of systems and team members. In addition, the South office will be for Chiropractic adjustments only and all nutrition appointments will still be held at our North office until we can staff appropriately.

While we do our best to anticipate any issues, we will not be able to anticipate all of them, so we are grateful for your patience during this time as we do our best to make it a smooth process.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Many of you are noticing some of the changes that are already occurring in our North office and the additions of new team members.

It’s been a long process, but we can finally announce that not only are we opening a South location, but we are also MOVING our North location. Yes, we are MOVING!

We are moving to 7035 Smith Corners Blvd. #200, just BEHIND the current location. Some of you might be familiar with the old Lazy Boy Furniture Store. We are going to be tenants of the right half of the building, which is about 5,000 square feet (with additional 2,000 sq ft of common area).

This space is about 4 times bigger that what we currently have. You might be wondering what we are going to do with all this space?! Over the last ten years, God has placed a vision on the hearts of the doctors to have a fully integrated health center including multiple modalities to heal God’s way.

We believe this will open doors for patients from all over the state and even the world to have access to the most innovative techniques to assist in their healing journey. The expectation is substantial growth in all areas.

The new office space will include, four adjusting bays, 10 exam/modality rooms, 2-4 offices, patient lounge and a large front desk area with 4-6 work stations. We will also have more restrooms!! This means no more standing in line

Are you ready for even more exciting news?
In August of 2022 the AskDrErnst show expanded to a 2nd radio station – Fox Sports News Charlotte – 94.7 FM / 1660 AM which broadcasts at 12:00 noon every Saturday. This show is in addition to the 3pm broadcast on News Talk 1110 AM WBT and now places our unique approach to health care in front of hundreds of thousands locally each week.

You can join in the conversation and ask any health question during the livestream broadcasts on or Our doctors will also continue to provide the latest information on the most controversial health topics from a functional perspective on our monthly scheduled webinars.

We address chronic lifestyle induced conditions such as topics on Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, Cancer and anything medicine has no answer for. We have added a patient centered “Better Results Faster” monthly webinar to help add value to your care at Cornerstone Health Center.

You can register for these FREE webinars by going to the webpage. Take a peek at the new website!! On the website, we have also rolled out our premier supplement line called Eterna naturals, organized all our family favorite recipes specific to your nutrition plan needs, and created an opportunity for your friends and family to schedule a free consultation with the doctor.

And last but certainly not the least, is the introduction of our daughters YouTube channel “Ava’s Flavas”. Just search “Ava’s Flavas AskDrErnst” or CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE to Ava’s Flavas to see posted videos of some of her most favorite recipes.

You are appreciated!
Patients and family members of Cornerstone Health Center, your prayers do not go unnoticed. We know many of you pray for us and our mission and have been praying for many years and we are so grateful. We truly cannot do this without your prayers and God’s help.

Your continued prayers are appreciated as we maneuver through the construction process for both buildings, the onboarding of new team members, and networking opportunities. This is God’s business and we want him to be reflected in all that we do. We know times are different these days and things are unpredictable but we anticipate the new North location to be open by Spring of 2023.

God has blessed us with many upgrades in the past year, including a fully confident and mission based team. We have many new faces and would like to formally introduce you to our team.

Dr. Aaron and Dr. Sarah Ernst, have been co-owners of Cornerstone Health Center since 2008. Dr. Aaron Ernst, DC, DNM, DHP, LMP is a graduate of Messiah College and Logan Chiropractic University. Dr. Sarah Ernst, DC, LMP is a graduate of the University of Maryland and Logan Chiropractic University.

Together they have completed multiple certifications in structural Chiropractic rehabilitation, functional nutrition, kinesiology, and healthcare business. They have coached thousands of people across the US, Canada and around the world using a simple multi-step functional system that activates your immune system, cleans your detox pathways, and resets your micro biome allowing your body a chance to finally take control of its innate healing power. They have two vibrant healthy children, Ava (10) and Gavin (5). When they are not saving the world, they are boating, traveling, or spending time with their kids

Dr. Chris Demczar, a native of Hudson Valley area of New York and is a graduate of Sherman College. He is passionate about Chiropractic and the value it brings to people’s lives. He has been full time with CHC since April 2021, and has been a influential support to our team and patients. Since his onboarding, he has moved from the associate role to the lead associate position. Over the next year, with the help of Drs. Sarah and Aaron Ernst, he will be moving to the assistant clinical director role. In his free time, Dr. Demczar enjoys spending time with his wife Carly and their Sheep-a-doodle, Luna.
Dr. Antonio Rice, recent graduate from Sherman College, who started with us in May 2022 has been a successful asset to our team and patients. However, God is calling him to another opportunity to use his gifts. His last day will be August 26th. We are grateful for the time he has spent here investing in our team and patients health. Please wish him the best as he transitions.
Dr. Benjamin Drach is a recent graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College. His passion is serving the community to be the change he wants to see in the world. He is extremely coachable and is always open to learning more. He is most excited about how he can share his Faith while being the best chiropractor he can be. He is onboarding as an associate with CHC and we are excited to have him as a part of our team.
Dr. Jeff Ashforth has been in practice for the last 22 years in South Charlotte. He is a Chiropractic advocate and leader in the Charlotte community and is passionate about empowering patients with the knowledge that healing comes from within. Through this principle, he has been helping change the way health care is viewed and applied in America. Dr. Ashforth brings a variety of skills and extensive knowledge in spinal correction, patient education and the philosophy of Chiropractic. We are very excited to partner with him and have him be the lead clinician at the South CHC location.
Allyson Mullis, RCEP, CEP has been with CHC since 2019. She is a Clinical Health Consultant with many years of experience working extensively with physicians and patients in the healthcare setting. She has an extensive background in nutrition, clinical laboratory analysis, lipidology and behavioral change counseling. Her past clinical experience also includes directing and developing Preventative and Executive Health Programs, Cardiac Rehab, Diabetes Counseling, Wellness Program developments, counseling patients in Integrative Health and Functional Medicine practices and Laboratory Consulting. She is great full for the opportunity to help others reach their own personal health goals and unique needs in a holistic based approach.
Lewis McCormick joined our team in November 2021 as the clinical assistant. He has his Exercise Science degree from Catawba Collage and has his Masters in Kinesiology from East Carolina. He is passionate about teaching patients how to optimize their health through the techniques and tools we provide our patients with. Currently he is working on his x-ray certification to provide more clinical support to CHC.
Jordan Crumbley has been in health care since 2018. She has worked as front desk, clerical support and even health care management. She brings a wealth of knowledge to be a supportive role to the doctors and team. She understands the value of Chiropractic and how important it is to be congruent in her own life. She started as our check out Chiropractic assistant at CHC and will be moving into the Office Manager role over the next few months.
Coree Raiford was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. She has 15+ years in customer service management. She was introduced to Chiropractic through her family and has a strong desire to learn and educate those around her about the truth about how the body heals. She has had her own radical health changes and is a walking testimony of how Chiropractic has changed her life. She was hired on as the front desk check in assistant upon onboarding at CHC and will be moving into the position of accounts manager over the next few months.
Samantha Williams is from Tampa, Florida and Chiropractic has been a part of her life for 8 years. She has been a Chiropractic patient as well as worked in Chiropractic offices. She truly has a gift for connecting with patients and anticipating their needs. She has been with CHC for almost 90 days and is moving into the front desk check out Chiropractic assistant position.

Nicole Fetch is coming from long term position working in management with Chick Fil-A. She was introduced to Chiropractic by becoming a patient with CHC. Within a short few months, her desire to be a part of the mission started to grow. Her ultimate goal is to be a Functional Nutrition coach with CHC. While working on certifications, she will be starting out at the front desk full time in September 2022 with the anticipation to become the nutrition clinical assistant to support Allyson, our Functional Nutritionist.
Leah Morton is a native of Taylorsville, NC, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management from Appalachian State University.  She is very passionate about the holistic approach to healthcare. She comes with experience with working in a fully functional Chiropractic office. She holds a Clinical Chiropractic Assistant certification and will be onboarding as our front desk check in Chiropractic Assistant in September 2022. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with her family.
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