Could Cancer Use A Change Of Viewpoint? Written By: Dr. Chris Demczar, DC, MS, CSCS

By Dr Ernst
September 1, 2021

The word ‘cancer’ is a scary one, and one that no-one wants to hear they or anyone close to them has developed. But I want to change the narrative, and give a little different context to the ‘cancer’ word.Yes, cancer is a state of dis-ease that leads one to decline in their health and potentially even pass away if the cancer takes over their body. Specifically, once the cancer spreads and shuts down certain organs and their functions, a person can no longer thrive and sustain physiological life within them.But I want you to think of cancer as the bodies last ditch effort to SAVE the physical, mortal body. If you want, think of cancer as a cup filling up with toxins. If the cup fills up to the top it will eventually overflow, and lead to spread of “cancer” throughout the body. Throughout our lives, we each have a cup. It is either slowly filling up with toxins, or the toxins are being removed from the cup. Cancer cells may start to form at any point as the cup is filling up. A person may also start to show symptoms of having a disease state (dis-ease) at any point as the cup fills up. Likewise, these same cells and symptoms can also go away at any point as the cup empties.So the cup overflows, and the cancer cells are starting to spread and affect certain organ function. What’s the solution? From my analogy above, the solution is to get the body to decrease the toxins in the cup, to stop the spread of dis-ease, and keep the body thriving. But of course, it’s a tangible action that you need to be able to take. So, to decrease the toxins in the cup, let’s discuss what those can be. At the most basic level, toxins are input that lead to negative changes in our bodies. That input could include anything that you put in or on your body, or anything that interacts with you. Some basic examples include foods, lotions, chemicals, physical traumas, WIFI/EMF fields, etc. The list goes on and on.Can a chiropractic adjustment lead to a toxic or negative change? Highly unlikely, but it’s possible! The adjustment is physical force given at a specific spinal level to induce changes in the signals of the nervous system. This forces our nervous system to adapt, leading to positive changes in our physiology and function. Chiropractors are amazing at giving appropriate adjustments that your body takes as good input, but that does not mean some adjustments may lead to a bad adaptation. This example could be used for most “inputs” in life! Keeping a positive outlook, and making intelligent decisions about what input you allow in your life will ensure that you keep your cup with as little toxins in it as possible.A great place to start is to go home, and open your cabinets. What things do you own and use that could lead towards putting toxins in your cup? Get rid of them or replace them with healthier, or more natural alternatives. One place I neglected to think about was the laundry room, but Dr. Ernst put together a great news article on natural homemade laundry detergent that my family now exclusively uses.Remember, your toxin cup is always in a state of change, meaning that as toxins are added to the cup, your body is fighting hard to remove and eliminate them. To maintain the appropriate balance, ensure that you are receiving more input to help remove the toxins than to add to them in the cup.A few things I do every day to help reduce the toxic input to my body that you may not be doing (this list is endless):

  • Turn off the WIFI and keep phones at least 10 feet away from my bed at night
  • Ground for at least 15 minutes at a time, at least 3 times per week. (barefoot walking without any phone or other technology use during that time)
  •  Buy organic fruits, vegetables, and produce
  •  Break a sweat with some level of exercise at least every other day
  •  Pray every day, and be grateful to have the daily opportunity to serve HIM
  • Have a conversation (remember the recent socio-kinetic communication article?)
  • Get adjusted weekly!

As stated before, life is truly all about balance. When it comes to your health, don’t guess, and don’t wait to act. Cancer is not to be feared. When it becomes an issue of your present health, remember that there are so many things you can do to turn the balance in your favor, and decrease the toxins that may be filling up your cup.I want to hear about all the things you do to balance the input your body receives. Email me at and let me know the regimen you do!Disclaimer: This information is meant to help guide your thoughts towards living a proactive life that can keep cancer from becoming a reality, or to give some insightful tips towards balancing your health on your journey to become cancer free. This information is not intended to be used as cancer therapy/medical advice.

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