Engineered Bacteria: Best Friend or Worst Nightmare?

By Dr Ernst
June 29, 2018

Recently a new term has emerged in the research arena: Genetically Engineered Bacteria – aka, Genetically Modified Bacteria. Scientists are using the techniques pioneered for genetically modifying foods (i.e., inserting a growth factor gene or natural pesticide gene) and are now tinkering around with bacteria in a similar way.

You may ask yourself, “What on earth could “medicine” want with a genetically modified bacteria? Aren’t they trying to eradicate all bacteria with the help of antibiotics? Aren’t bacteria bad – i.e., don’t they make us sick etc?”

To medicine and BigPharma, bacteria are the wave of the future – a not-so-distant future mind you – as they are already experimenting with this form of therapy on mice and rats. By inserting genes into various bacteria, scientists can turn them into mini-factories that churn out useful therapeutic agents like insulin, antiviral and antibacterial compounds, and other medications (blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid etc).

Imagine if Big Pharma could turn you into your own medication-producing entity. They would have direct delivery of their goods without the hassle of going to an MD, getting a prescription, sitting in the car line etc. But even more important to these companies… one of the most frustrating aspects of medicine to BigPharma is compliancy. According to a 2017 New York Times article, only 50% of prescriptions are actually filled. Imagine that! $425 BILLION in sales in 2017 on only 50% conversion of sales. From a business perspective, that’s called “the back door” and trust me they are trying to close the door.

Enter genetically modified bacteria – organisms that make the medications for you, ones that secrete the medication into your digestion for you – its the perfect answer, and trust me, it’s on its way!

How would they get Genetically Engineered Bacteria (GEB) into you?

Knowingly. You will simply get a prescription for it or perhaps a “prescriptive grade” probiotic for any slew of digestive disorders ranging from acid reflux all the way to constipation/diarrhea. There is even growing evidence of the power of a ‘fecal transplant,’ one where a completely new microbiome profile is literally put into your colon during a colonoscopy-like procedure. Right now, it’s only being used to treat C.Diff – a fatal bacterial infection of the colon – but if they are doing that now, what holds them back once enough evidence suggests that a “strong microbiome” can help you with your condition?

Unknowingly – bacteria are microscopic little guys, you cant see them, taste them or smell them – but they are everywhere. Think about how easy it would be to “spray” any lot of food, clothing, physical items, etc. with a set of GEBs (genetically engineered bacteria). All fruits and vegetables contain a unique bacterial skin (the microscopic microflora of living organisms sitting just on the surface) so it’s already an easy method of entry.

Why should I care about this? Isn’t it a good thing to have Medicine and Big Pharma care for me like this? After all – aren’t they just trying to make me healthier?

That couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s an almost instant “ah ha, I see what you mean Dr. Ernst.” The very first pharmaceutical campanies in the US were Pfizer and Bayer – mostly making painkillers for the American Civil War. Today these two giants account for nearly $180 Billion in sales. And if their products were to make America healthier – shouldn’t our health stats be improving instead of exponentially worsening? Unfortunately, there is no money in a healthy nation for these companies.

BigPharma Knows The Human Microbiome Controls Your Health and Even How You Think!

Have you heard of the “gut-brain-axis?” It was discovered in the early 2000s when several published studies showed that mice and rats behaved differently if they had a sterile intestinal lining. By 2016, enough research had been published to clearly describe the intimate relationship between the microbiome (the bacteria in your intestine) and your brain – so much so that it’s now widely accepted that 90-95% of all your brain neuroactive compounds (serotonin, dopamine, epinephrine, norepinephrine etc) are made by the intestinal bacteria, secreted into the enteric nerve system (your digestive nerve system) and transported via the vegus nerve directly to your brain.

Translation – the bacteria in your intestines actually make your neurotransmitters, which make you feel and act the way you do!

UH OH – now enter GEBs. (Do you see where I am going with this?) Pharmaceutically engineered bacteria now reside in your microbiome – not only secreting the various medication(s) they were genetically programmed to do but also secreting neurotransmitters of unknown origin or quantity? Or perhaps not secreting them at all?

BigPharma is already trying to make you think a specific way by targeting you directly with subliminal marketing via TV ads. Have you noticed how they are:

  1. Teaching you enough about a condition so that you might diagnose yourself with it.
  2. Showing you the emotional pain of “being different because of your disease” or being “outcasted” because of the way your condition makes you look or act.
  3. Telling you to physically “ask your doctor if (name) is right for you” – they are asking you to overthrow your doctors advice if you don’t like it, or recognize the medicine they are recommended – i.e., you are supposed to be the authoritative figure – you make your own decisions after all. (Or do you?)

Imagine, if you will, a day when your microbiome as knowing or unknowingly been hijacked by Big Pharam and Medicine by having GEBs mixed into the microbiome (or possibly overtaking the microbiome itself).

This would “lead to altered neurobehaviors” according to “Gut Microbiota modulate neurobehavior through changes in brain insulin sensitivity and metabolism” which was published in the June 18th 2018 publication in Molecular Psychiatry.

Should this concern you – ABSOLUTELY. Are they doing this physically yet – NO.


Thats why its so important you take health into your own hands – protect it as any parent protects their child from danger – by laying your life down for it – 100% no holding back.

If there was one thing I could suggest you really pay attention to is the word “MICROBIOME.” Start googling it. Stick any condition you want after it into your search engine and sit back in amazement at how powerful a healthy microbiome is – it can literally prevent, reverse and even revolutionize your health.

With with such power comes an ability for it to be hijacked – so be on the look out for anything suspicious towards your gut bacteria – keep them as God Intended – pure!

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