Do You Really Have Health Insurance?

By Dr Ernst
February 9, 2016

Posted By: Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C.

Have you realized yet that “health insurance” doesn’t actually cover your health?
When you think about it, your “health insurance” card isn’t really for your health? In fact, it’s mostly used for our un-health – the illnesses and/or disease we get as a result of not taking care of ourselves properly.

What’s even more shocking is that for the monthly expense it takes to have, the upfront costs it takes to use (deductible/copy) and the amount it doesn’t cover (pre-existing, non-covered or rejected/denied) it’s amazing that so many of us walk around with them in the first place.

We are SO afraid were going to get sick, or get cancer or heart disease that we have to buy insurance against our own bodies ability to heal and our own willingness to take responsibility for our health.

We have been trained early on that, “we are made to get sick, everyone will get cancer or heart disease so you better get insurance!”

(ps: ask anyone who has gone through a major illness and you will often find the insurance didn’t really help them out like they thought it would)

I’m not against having insurance. I’m against the idea that we think it’s HEALTH insurance!   Are you all ok if I call it what it really is….. sickness insurance, crisis insurance or DEATH insurance.    It’s not health insurance.

You don’t buy health insurance to make sure you don’t get sick, you buy it to make sure you have the money for when you get SICK, CANCER, HEART DISEASE or any other disease.

Do you want to buy TRUE Health Insurance? Subscribe to this monthly plan instead:

– Jot down your top 5 health goals and WHY you want to achieve them
– Create an affirmative “I AM…” statement to support your top 5 goals
– Write them somewhere you see them every day and meditate on them in the morning and night

– Eat more RAW vegetables, HEALTHY clean meats and body healing HEALTHY fats
– Eat LOW to NO carbohydrates and sugary foods and drinks
– Consume a HIGH fat, nutrient dense, raw protein shake daily
– Fast for a minimum of 2-3 times per month or do a daily intermittent fast

– Do high intensity/short duration workouts daily
– Move your body every hour for 1-2 min to avoid sedentary decline of your joints
– Use exercise to focus on increasing Oxygen consumption not building muscle or burning fat

– Take a daily, raw mens or women’s multivitamin, D3, Omega Oil, Probiotic, Anti-inflammatory (turmeric/curcumin)
– Focus on addressing your toxicities (we all have them) and removing toxins on a quarterly basis at the minimum

– Evaluate your brain-to-body/organ connections, removing any interference.
– Preform monthly chiropractic and spinal alignment checkups.
– maintain your posture and decrease outside stressors (muscle, join, nerve)

I just gave you what a TRUE Health Insurance looks like and what you can do to experience healing on a daily basis.

The choice is yours. You can wait until you’re sick, have cancer, a stroke or a heart attack and maybe your insurance will cover it, maybe you will recover, maybe you won’t have permanent damage, maybe you will be able to take care of your family again, or….

You can begin doing what I have done for myself, my family and thousands of patients NOW which will help you claim your health and stay healthy for the rest of your life!

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