Honing in on what Matters

By Dr. Chris Demczar
April 11, 2022

How many of you who are under chiropractic care enjoy the “feeling” of a specific chiropractic adjustment? You know, the joint release, followed by the head rush of “OH YEEEAAAA”? Well that sensation is a massive neurotransmitter release of Endorphins in your spinal cord that lead to Serotonin getting to hangout a little bit longer in your brain. That feeling, is one you should look to experience everyday. No, not just from a chiropractic adjustment. But from a love for life; a zest for living and adventure, whatever that is for you! Making life as magical and as memorable as possible is one key to living a fulfilling life. This starts right here in your backyard, of beautiful Charlotte, NC. There is so much to do here! So many people and places to connect to. So many opportunities to keep your neurotransmitters stimulated with positive feedback and become more fulfilled in life!

Things You Need to Explore:

US National White Water Center – This has something for all ages. You can challenge yourself to any number of ropes courses of varying difficulties. You can rage on the white waters and work together as a team to get safely through the course. If the white rapids are too much, there’s some paddle boards and kayaks on the Catawba river nearby. If you are really adventurous, face your fears on the 100 ft. Free fall and the numerous zipline courses. But if you want to simply show up and enjoy the social atmosphere, the White Water center offers numerous walking trails, viewing of the rapids and rock climbing pool opportunities, and has social events in the evenings on most weekends.
July 4th Fireworks – If you are looking for a truly amazing display of fireworks on July 4th this year, look no further that Queens Landing off of Hwy 150 in Mooresville. Fireworks ill sound off from 10-15 different locations around Lake Norman that you can view from the landing, while enjoying the company of your favorite people.

NarroWay Theater – As a Christian based healing organization, there is no better opportunity to learn and enjoy the stories of the Bible than at NarrowWay Theater. Located across the road from Carowinds just over the border in SC, this theater offers Broadway level performances in a dinner theater that is family friendly and appropriate for everyone! As I have seen three of the shows myself, I can attest that each performance is truly one of a kind. The Christmas special cannot be beat! If you are discipling someone towards the Lord, this may be one of the best ways to help lead them so that they can continue to receive His grace and mercy.

Bank of America Stadium – so much more than just the Panthers home stadium for football games! Charlotte FC professional soccer team just kicked off their inaugural season! Did you know that we in the Queen City broke the MLS (Major League Soccer) stadium attendance record with over 74,000 people?!?! Can you imagine the energy in that stadium. To make it even better, during that record breaking game the microphone went out on the national anthem singer. The crowd picked up where she left off and completed a masterpiece of a vocal performance. The stadium hosts numerous other events as well that are sure to fill your hearts.

South End Gallery Crawl – No, not a beer crawl, an art crawl! This is a FREE event that is family friendly and will allow you take a Friday night out and turn it up a notch! Held on the first Friday of each month, seven or more galleries will open their doors and allow you to explore art from all ages. Different galleries have different times they are open, but most are open between 5 and 10 pm. The exhibits change regularly enough so that you are always seeing something new. If you need a date idea, don’t sleep on this opportunity!

Billy Graham Library – Another staple of the Christian community here in Charlotte. You may plan a morning trip there, and then find that you spend the entire day! Now, rumor has it that the library is still closed, but when it opens back up this Summer, you do not want to miss exploring the land of man whose voice lead so many to Christ. I personally have been looking forward to visiting the Memorial prayer Garden to spend time with my son Rheese.
The Lazy 5 Ranch – Rated Charlottes best zoo, this animal paradise features inhabitants of 6 continents. Although it might be small compared to other zoos, there is no better way to get your animal fix in than at this zoo. If you are looking for a bigger zoo, a day trip away is the Riverbanks zoo in Columbia. With hundreds of animals, it truly is a unique experience. My wife takes me here every year so we can watch the penguins.
Bonus – If you are looking for a slightly different animal experience, the Good Karma Alpaca farm in Iron Station, NC offers a unique opportunity to hangout with, feed, and learn about alpacas. They also have some amazing alpaca wool clothing that is made cruelty free for the animals.

Camp North End – Even if the food is Cornerstone Health Center approved, the social atmosphere is! Enjoy numerous shops, art murals, and an open seating environment to spend time with those you love. They have a Wednesday night famers market to add to the fun.

Bonus #2 – Did I mention farmers market??? The absolute best in Charlotte is the regional marketplace located near the airport. You have to get their early on Saturdays to get the best products, because they sell out fast. This is Cornerstone Health approved!

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