Nature vs Nurture: What’s DNA Got to Do With It?

By Dr Ernst
April 9, 2018

If you were to listen closely to what scientists have been saying the past few years about your genetic code, you would think that you are doomed from birth to experience several illnesses during your time on Earth. It’s a fairly fatalistic view toward health that has many people either living in fear or throwing their hands up in resignation–thinking there’s nothing they can do but wait for a terrible and inevitable diagnosis.

A new book has come out by a Dr. Bruce Lipton detailing his views on a relatively new field of study called epigenetics. The book, The Biology of Belief, outlines how DNA is just a blueprint. Now think about this… Does the blueprint build the house? Of course not. The blueprint provides a guide for a person to build the house. The person is in control. And according to Dr. Lipton, your beliefs play a major role in how your genes will express themselves throughout your life.

But that’s not what your average doctor, geneticist or science journalist will tell you. Furthermore, the news always seems to be dire. All they ever talk about are the weaknesses you are born with and what diseases you can expect to suffer with.

So, if your beliefs influence how your DNA expresses itself, e.g., you believe you are predestined for breast cancer, well, what do you know? You get breast cancer. But it’s also your choices and your environment. Obviously, working in a coal mine is going to affect your health, as is smoking, or eating processed foods your whole life. If you live in a highly-polluted city, this will play a role.

Think about it like this. You are NOT your body. Your body is a vehicle for an intelligence. That intelligence is you. The intelligence drives the vehicle using thoughts and feelings and beliefs to steer it in the direction it wants to go.

And think about how thoughts, feelings and beliefs are communicated in the vehicle that is your body. These phenomena are transmitted via the neurological system. That’s where chiropractic comes in. If you spend a lot of time and energy cultivating positive thoughts and feelings, generating helpful beliefs about health, and then the method by which these signals are sent to every cell in your body is blocked, then what good will all of this do you?

You’ve got to maintain healthy neurological connections. Chiropractic, over time and consistently, restores and maintains those connections.

When the body is in balance, the connections are open, the beliefs are aligned with truth and the intention and purpose is clear. If the purpose is open, you can access the much more important and relevant type of DNA: divine natural awareness.

I pray this information lands well with you and that you see it as the “secret” no one else is talking about. Feel free to share it with anyone in your life who might find it helpful. The “world” believes they were given a bad rap right at birth, that only something from the outside (or Aisle 9 at CVS) can help them. Only drugs or a guru or surgery or a new relationship or whatever will help them. You know the truth; every person is responsible for themselves – now set someone free!

Tell them about the AskDrErnst podcast. Invite them to watch our weekly lunch and learn or to attend our monthly dinner or seminar. It’s the PERFECT way to reach out that that person(s) you were thinking of when you were reading this. You might just be the one to deliver the answer to their health prayer!

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