What If The COVID Narrative Is Just That – A Narrative!;

By Dr Ernst
April 19, 2022

Narrative (n) /‘nerədiv/ from the from French narratif, -ive, from late Latin narrativus ‘telling a story’, from the verb narrare. Defined in English as “a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.”

Did you catch that – the telling of a story! What if the story you are being told is fiction rather than non-fiction? And who is the author of this story? The Govt? BigPharma? W.H.O? C.D.C? N.I.H? Fauci, Bi,, Gates, George Soros, Albert Bourla, Daniel O’Day? Jorge Bergoglio?

There are so many potential “authors” of the story you have been told – and thats the insanity of this who “pandemic/plandemic” – who are the authorities in the subject and which of them can be trusted – ie who is the true author!

You have been told a story about Covid-19. You have been told the pandemic was due to a new virus, which originated in Wuhan, Hubiel, China that they named Sars-Cov-2 (aka Covid-19). Why was it named Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19?

Sars – Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome – the symptoms experienced by those infected.

Cov – Coronavirus, Cov is simply an abbreviation for the virus

2 – there as a “Sars-Cov-1” which was responsible for the 2004/5 outbreak in the Middle East. Since it happened once before (to a lesser scale) and the virus was similar in structure, the 2nd outbreak in 2019 was thus labeled “2”
Covid- Coronvirus, Covid is simply another abbreviation for the virus
19 – The year of the 2nd outbreak – ie 2019

You have been told that its very contagious, rapidly transmittable via water droplets that are coughed, sneezed or simply floating in the air (infected humidity water particles).

You have been told its so dangerous that you must isolate yourself, mask/vaccinate yourself, and even consider it a threat today (nearly 2 years later) because “there’s variants and mutations that will always affect you!”

You have been told there is a vaccine that will protect you and your family – you just need to get now 4 and possibly even 5 boosters for the vaccine to work. That you may have to be “boosted” every 6 months for the rest of your life to remain protected.

You have been told that if you test positive, the tests are very accurate for discriminating the symptoms you have (cough, fever, congestion, chills, difficulty breathing, loss of taste/smell) from other common colds like the flu or even seasonal allergies.

You have bene told there are now appropriate targeted antivirals, so much so there is only 1 that can be administered – Remdesivir/Veklury that once administered via injection will stop you from dying due to Covid infection.
If severe/requiring ventilation it’s 200mg via IV then 100mg daily via IV until improved.
If not severe/requiring ventilation then its only to be taken for 5 days with a maximum of 10 days based on severity of symptoms.

It works so well its 100% safe for adults, children over 88lbs in total weight. Only recently was it approved for use in Infants and Children less than 12 years:
3.5 to <40 kg: Lyophilized powder only
IV: Loading dose: 5 mg/kg/dose on day 1, followed by 2.5 mg/kg/dose once daily on days 2 and 3.

You have been told that between the personal protection, vaccine and now this “new” antiviral specific for covid that you do not have to worry about covid anymore – well from the perspective that you can be treated without major complications of morbidity anymore.

But what if thats the story “they” want you to believe – just like a fairy tale you read to your children to help them fall asleep. The damsel in destress (you), the villainous adversary – wicked witch, mighty dragon/slimy agar (Covid virus) and the brave prince who will save the day (Pfizer/Gilead) and win the heart of the damsel (you!).

What if you pickup another authors copy of the same story and it read definitely. What if you read the narrative on covid by Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC who has been labeled as the “Far-right COVID-19 truther” who was part of a recent online documentary “Watch The Water” produced by Stew Peters of the “Stew Peters Show”.

The documentary was immediately labeled as “Fake/False” and its become the latest in social media/online attacks as being “anti-covid and anti-vaccine”

Really? What if it’s just another version of the story – which to me, when reviewing the research Dr. Ardis presents – is quite convincing. According to Dr. Ardis’ narrative Coronavirus/COVID-19:

Corona – aka, crown – ie signifying a King/Queen (in his case King to represent the King Cobra)

Virus – also defined as, venom, ie from venomous animals, aka snakes

Covid – “co” = Cobra “vid” = venom

19 – The number of isolated venomous peptides from cobra venom (ie not the year but the number of unique peptides found in snake venom which is responsible for the symptoms of snake bite poisoning.

This is certainly NOT what you have been told. According to Dr. Ardis Isolated venomous snake proteins/peptides (VSP) not Viral Spike Proteins, are the cause of COVID symptoms/deaths.

Since you didn’t get bitten by a snake, how then did the venomous peptides get into your body? Via the water – which does coincide with the earlier narrative that the covid virus is transited via water droplets. The only difference is Dr. Ardis believes the water you drink, bathe in and breathe in has deliberately been “poisoned” with synthetic VSP (venomous snake peptides) and that it’s not a virus at all but rather a global/pandemic mass bio-weapon attack to humanity as a whole using snake venom!

What’s even stranger is that according to Dr. Ardis the very treatment MDs use to “combat covid” is also synthetic VSP (venomous snake peptides) in the form of IV Remdesivir/Veklury.

Why does he say this? Several reasons:
The side effects of Remdesivir/Veklury are exactly the side effects of a venomous snake bite.

Remdesivir/Veklury is a lyophilized (aka freeze dried) powder that has the exact same color and consistency of lyophilized extracted king cobra snake venom (a cream/yellow color).

The chemical compound of Remdesivir/Veklury (C27-H25-N60-8P) has an extremely similar chemical backbone/signature like that of the chemical stature of King Cobra/Kraite snake venom.

Dr. Ardis’s narrative also could be seen religiously as the spiritual/biological war spoken about in the Bible – a “marking of humanity” and destruction of health, life and genetics) by the worst advisory known to any narrative – the snake, ie the Devil.

The world is like a snake, soft to touch, but full of venom inside.

To learn more about Dr. Ardis – visit his website here: https://thedrardisshow.com/

To filter your water to ensure no VSP is present, its recommended you only drink distilled water from a “John Ellis machine” CLICK HERE for more details

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