Hydrogen Peroxide – A Forgotten Health Aid

Hydrogen Peroxide – A Forgotten Health Aid

Chances are you are not utilizing one of the most INEXPENSIVE yet powerful natural products on the market today – Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is more commonly called “oxygen water” since its chemical structure is water(H20) plus oxygen (O). HP is made naturally in the atmosphere when UV light strikes oxygen in the presence of moisture creating Ozone (O3) which comes in contact with water and be-comes H2O2-ie Hydrogen Peroxide.

Because it’s created by nature, you will find it in rain, snow, water, fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s even found in high concentrations in Breast Milk (because infants’ immune systems haven’t learned how to develop HP yet)

When HP is in your body it activates your innate immunity, stimulating T-Cells which destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus and mold. Your blood platelets even secrete HP when exposed to particles in your blood. In your intestine, naturally occurring acidophilus lactobacillus bacteria produce HP to keep yeast from growing in the intestine.

Commercially produced Hydrogen peroxide comes in two forms. Over the counter (3% solution) and “Food Grade” (35% solution). Even diluted to 3%, HP is considered the world’s safest all-natural effective sanitizer. HP works to destroy microorganisms by oxidizing them (using the additional Oxygen (O) as a means of “burning/cooking” the invader. The best part-when HP reacts with organic material, the byproduct is water. Hopefully you can see now that increasing your exposure to HP can have massive implications for your immunity and health. It’s important to note that Food Grade hydrogen peroxide(FGHP) is unique and vastly different from OTC “brown bottle” peroxide. Food Grade contains no stabilizers or additives and is the only type recommended. It comes in concentrations of 35%, 12% and3%, each with different uses.

WARNING: What you are about to read is certainly not FDA approved, and your friends and personal physician is going to think this article is insane (especially the recommendations below). I share this with you from personal experience and as a means to have you expand your mind and self-research on the subject:


  • Natural Whitening Mouthwash: Using 3% FGHP – Simply gargle with 3% HP for a min or two and rinse mouth with water.
  • Natural Whitening Tooth Paste: Using 3% FGHP – Simply mix a few drops of 3% HP into aluminum free baking soda making a paste to brush teeth with
  • Ear Canal/Wax Cleaner: Using 3% FGHP – Lie down on your side, fill your ear canal fully with 3% HP and lie still for 5 min. Turn to your other side and allow the ear to drain onto a towel while you clean the opposing ear, then drain that ear by lying on the opposite side.


  • Therapeutic Detox Bath: Using 35% Food Grade HP. Begin by adding 6 oz. of 35% FGHP directly to your standard bath water. Increase by 2oz with each consecutive bath until 16oz (2 cups) is reached. Soak for minimum of 15-min with each bath. You can also add 1/2 cup Himalayan salt and 1/2 cup baking soda additional detoxification support if desired.(NOTE: Do not submerge or wet your face and/or hair when taking a 2-cup hydrogen peroxide bath as it can bleach your hair slightly.)

CAUTIONARY NOTE: Concentrated 35% HP is strong stuff! If you get some on your hands/skin, flush with water immediately. The skin will turn white temporarily with no negative effects. HP reacts with the catalase enzyme in human tissues to produce an oxygen species which has a “bleaching effect.” Speaking from experience here-it will return to normal color on its own over time.

  • Body Cleansing Spray: Using 3% FGHP – Place 3% peroxide into a spray bottle and spray skin immediately after drying from a shower or bath. Close eyes when spraying face and avoid spraying your hair.
  • Dishwasher/Washing Machine: Using 3% FGHP – Add 2 oz. of 3% HP to your dishwasher soap for additional sanitization power. Use 8oz of 3% HP in place of Chlorine Bleach when washing whites.

35% Food Grade Peroxide

  • Bulk Peroxide–1 Gallon
  • Pure Chemical Co–1 Gallon

3% Food Grade Peroxide Essential Oxygen