“It’s the Holidays” – 25 Years of Bad Choices

“It’s the Holidays” – 25 Years of Bad Choices

Once a large truck was driving through one of the busiest tunnels in New York City. The truck was so large, in fact, that it got stuck in the tunnel and could not back up or move forward. Traffic eventually got backed up for miles and miles. Dozens of traffic, accident, bridge, road, and truck experts were on the scene for hours trying to figure out what to do. Just as the situation and the frustration of the experts was beginning to get out of hand, a 10-year-old little girl poked her head out of the window and said, “Why don’t you just let the air out of the tires.” The dilemma was resolved.

THEME: When life and the world aren’t working out, re-assess everything!

Even though Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s make up a total of 3 days, most people just call November and December “The Holidays.” And since it’s “The Holidays,” you can be irresponsible and careless. You eat can mass quantities, put all sorts of horrible “Holiday” items into your body, exercise less or not at all, miss adjustments, spend too much, and put important things off because after all, it’s “The Holidays.” In total, you end up with a 6-10 week reign of terror on your life and body.

If you add to these two months all of the other times you tend to abuse your health like; parties, anniversaries, other “holidays,” birthdays, weddings, weekends, secretaries day, etc., etc. you are basically being irresponsible for your health and many other areas of your life conservatively 3 months out of every year. (25% of every year)

By the time you are 40 years old, you will have spent 10 years doing serious, possibly irreparable damage to your body and possibly your whole life.
This is another reason why people are supposed to live to 100, but only make 75. (25% off)

“The Holidays,” are a time designated to celebrate the many joys of life and appreciate God’s blessings. However, they have become a time dedicated to shortening life and falling short of your God-given potential. Clearly, it is time to look at “The Holidays” from a new perspective.

Of the tens of thousands of sick and suffering people I have met, examined, and consulted, not once have I heard one of them say, “I wish I had done less for my health all of these years.” What they do say, in every case, is “I wish I had met you _______ years ago.” WELL, You have met me, please take advantage of it.

Explaining Your New Health Program To Your Friends & Family Can Be Tough! Help them by using the analogy “Turn The Power On!”

If a mechanic disassembled the parts of a car engine and then reassembles them and would the engine function again? If a computer technician came to your house and disassembled your computer and re-assembled the parts would it work again? Most would answer “yes” of course, based on the talent of the technician. What about your body? Do you believe that the top surgeon at the Mayo Clinic could disassemble the parts of the body, reassemble all of your organs and your body would re-animate itself into life?

The obvious answer is “no.” The more pertinent question would be: Why is it possible to disassemble and re-assemble the unanimated parts of a computer or a car engine and regain mechanical function again? However, the human body cannot! It is simple: The human body has that mysterious “something” that animates it into life. Many call it life!

Some call it “power”; some call it “intelligence”; many even call it “God’s Spirit”. The fact is, there is a magnificent power that animates us into life. That very power beats your heart, grows your hair, and digests your food. That same power allows you to read this article and interpret the information off the page or computer screen!!

Researchers at Boston’s Forsyth Institute and at Harvard University have taken a big step toward explaining this process. When an embryo consists of just four cells, they found that an electric gradient starts switching on genes – visible as a flash of light!

That very power that starts switching on genes is the power that animates you into life. Research shows that the brain is the very first organ to develop. That very power, illustrated by the above researchers, runs the body through the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system.

Our Central Nervous System has been shown to control all function and healing in the body. If there is any interference to the Central Nervous System, that “life switching on” power is interrupted and your organs begin to malfunction.

Chiropractors have spent 123 years researching and showing that in order for health to be restored, the power inside the body must be free of interference. By aligning your spine so that the Central Nervous System can regain control of the body and aligning your lifestyle so how you live is more in line with producing health, you remove interference to life and wellness. You restore life – essentially “Turning The Power Back On” No one would ever blame a computer or television of not working, broken if you will, if you forget to turn it on, letting electricity power it. Yet we are so quick to blame our parts, our TV if you will. A heart with bad rhythm or pressure we jump to assume it’s the hearts fault. When instead we need to ensure the heart is getting all the power, its life, at 100% from its electrical source – the brain.

Once interference in the power supply is removed, the body can heal disease from the inside, get well, and stay well, without the use of dangerous drugs or surgery.

In today’s world, misalignment of the spine and nervous system is not only common, it is epidemic. Whether you are sick and trying to get well, or well and trying to stay that way, seek a doctor who recognizes that the power inside your body is the power that heals your body and you will find that not in your medical doctor’s office, not in your massage or dental office, and sadly sometimes, not even in your chiropractic office. That is what sets the care you receive and the doctors of this clinic apart from any other doctor in the world. We acknowledge that INSIDE OF YOU IS THE GREATEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD. You only need the assistance of removing what you can’t remove yourself – interference of the spine.