Little Germ, Big Fear – Catching The Coronavirus

Little Germ, Big Fear – Catching The Coronavirus

Fears over the coronavirus infection/outbreak have not only captured the attention of millions of Americans but also created one of the largest buyer markets for many companies looking to cash in on the hysteria.

Case in point: A 10 pack of N95 Paper Face Masks which offers 99% filtration of bacterial/viral particles is now selling on for $119.95! (Last year this very item was only $9.99)

Remember: The only way to catch ANYTHING is to make yourself a hospitable host.

The germ theory of disease is a common belief. This belief, like many in the health arena, causes all kinds of strange behaviors – avoiding Chinese foods, spraying Lysol disinfectant onto anything and everything and wearing paper masks while out in public.

A paper mask will never filter out 99% of harmful bacteria/viruses, simply because the perforations that permit breathing are huge compared to the size of the single-cell coronavirus they are trying to strain out. In fact, an announcement posted yesterday from the US Surgeon General urges Americans to stop buying paper masks – “They are NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching Coronavirus.”

Fed by the 24/7 coronavirus news cycle fear-mongering is the perfect way to attract more viewers that can be sold to advertisers’ products – which these days are increasingly pharmaceutical-based.

What many forget is that Louis Pasteur himself, the father of the germ theory, rejected his own theory on his deathbed. “It’s the soil, not the seed,” he observed. In other words, without a hospitable host, germs can do very little. But the deathbed statement was simply too late. By then the Germ Theory had been rooted in the hearts and minds of people and the medical community reinforced its stronghold by proclaiming antibiotics and other medications to remove the “bad bugs” which creates health. The human immune system has successfully survived the black plague of the Dark Ages, the Spanish Flu of 1918, measles, SARS, Ebola and many others. If germ theory were true, the human race would not be around to over about the next big outbreak.

Viruses/bacteria are a lot like seeds. If you’ve ever tried to start a new garden or grow anything like grass or flowers from scratch, you know that conditions have to be just right for the seeds to germinate. And it takes a lot more than just the seeds (or germs) to become a seedling (or a disease). For example, if you were to spread grass seed (germs) on your living room carpet, it wouldn’t become a new lawn. The necessary conditions for growth – soil, water, and light – wouldn’t be correct. Same with viruses/germs. The condition has to be just right for viruses to cause disease.

Conditions That Encourage Coronavirus (or any other disease for that matter)

Poor Diet: If you want your body to be an exceptional host for pathogens, make sure it’s deficient in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. The pesticides/herbicides in non-organic food are a great way to weaken your body’s natural defenses and the chemicals/additives found in packaged foods act as fertilizer for viruses/bacteria.

Inadequate Rest: Stay up late and use energy boosters (sugar, energy drinks, tobacco, caffeine) to give you energy. These all deplete your body’s immune system and prevent your body from purging viruses and bacteria.

Dehydration: Reduce the effectiveness of your natural ability to flush out living toxins by drinking coffee, tea, carbonated soda and alcohol instead of water. A body that is less than 45% water by volume is the perfect environment for living pathogens.

Negative Thoughts: Watch the news reports daily and read internet articles with the latest news about the coronavirus. This type of information creates a victim mentality and breeds fear which manifests itself internally as an acidic, negative environment (ripe for the growth of viruses/bacteria and illness)

Skipping Your Adjustments: When you skip an adjustment, you are encouraged viral activity in your body. One study found that with just 1 chiropractic adjustment to the upper back (thoracic), you activate and release immune anti-viral cells (CD4 T-Cells) and secrete immune cytokines (IL-2) – an effect lasting 4-5 hours! Rescheduling your weekly/ bi-monthly adjustment to a later date is the best way to increase susceptibility.