Placebo, Yes Please!! Nocebo, No Thanks!!

Placebo, Yes Please!! Nocebo, No Thanks!!

Would it come as a shock to you if I told you that the most important thing you need to fix when wanting to heal from any health issue (pain to cancer) is your mindset. Your mind is literally more powerful than your disease. Trust me in this, even if you don’t think its true – you want me to be right as it gives you the power over your condition.

Its all in your head – really! Your thoughts and how you speak to yourself all day long have more hold over you than anything physically in this world. It re-ally is MIND OVER MATTER. Dare you ask this question – “How Am I Making My-self Sick With The Way I Think And Talk To Myself?

What I am talking about here is that your aches, pains, diagnosis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, obesity, last week’s cold, today’s fever etc are due to your thoughts (especially those thoughts that convince you you have no control over your diet and the only way to feel good is to carb up)

Your negative inner dialogue about health will lead to more sickness and pro-longed sickness. So how do you find out if your thoughts might be the source of your illness? Begin by listening to yourself (which requires focused quiet time, a pen and paper and the willingness to be honest with yourself.


How To Begin To Think Yourself Well: 3 Secrets To Manifesting Self Healing


  • STEP 1: WRITE DOWN YOUR INNER THOUGHTS AND DIALOGUE What’s your voice saying about yourself? Does it sound something like, “I feel strong. My energy is high. I am a champion and a victor over my health?” or is this closer to this reality, “I’m so tired. I feel weak. I don’t feel like eating this today. I am too old, I am too broke?” Simply write down how you speak to your-self as its the only way to become aware of your thinking patterns. When you do this you will find you are more able to catch your negative thinking and see how it affects your energy.


  • STEP 2: CAPTURE YOUR THOUGHT, STRANGLE THEM AND REPLACE Now that you see the chatter in your head as yourself one question – What is the “flavor?” Positive? Negative? Guess what, of the 70K plus thoughts you have in a day there’s a good change 69,990 are negative so its time to begin replacing them, catch them when they happen and repack them with a positive. I’m too old – catch it, hold it and say “there are people older than me who do not have my problem – good bye thought!” “I’m so tired” – catch it and while holding it say “I’m full of energy and electricity that invigorates my nerves supercharging my health.


  • STEP 3: IDENTIFY YOUR THOUGHTS SOURCE Is the thought you captured yours? What do you mean, it’s mine b/c I thought it right? NOPE! Most of them have been “installed” in your brain by your family, friends, loved ones, pastors, leaders and even people you don’t now but see/hear from (TV, music, advertising etc). All of your thoughts about yourself that are negative are simply WRONG! But you believe them -so change the tape you play in your head and watch your health and life come back quickly!


  • STEP 4: ACTIVATE THE PLACEBO EFFECT, NOT THE NOCEBO EFFECT The Placebo effect is a fascinating phenomenon (but watch out, the Nocebo effect is just as fascinating but with harmful effects). A placebo effect occurs when you think something will produce a positive effect and it does, even when its a sugar pill or no therapy at all. Example: This new blood pressure pill works 1000x better than your previous. You take it and your pressure drops to normal as you see the numbers on the monitor drop. Then they tell you it was a sugar pill! – PLACEBO – mind over matter. Nocebo is just the opposite – you think something negative will happen to you and it does!

Science confirms the nocebo effect is real and warns that it could be the very cause of your health issues. One study looked at people with hereditary conditions and found that twins (same genes) that are isolated at birth only develop the condition if they are told about it (IE the one who isn’t told doesn’t get the disease – even with identical DNA). Another study told participants they would get a headache as a small current was passed through their brain for a neurological exam. 100% of the participants reported having a headache despite the fact that no current was passed through their head,simply a switch that made a light turn on such that it appeared it was happening to them.

So now its up to you. Will you take some time this week to see if you are thinking yourself into your condition or slowing yourself down from ultimate healing simply because you think it’s not possible to heal that fast?