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Unlock Energy by Resetting Your Neurotransmitters

Did you know that feeling unmotivated, anxious, depressed, or struggling with high blood sugar or high blood pressure are all associated with dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine? We’ve all heard these four words at some point in our lives but just forget about the important role they play in our bodies since they seem a…

blood work

Why Do Conventional Blood Exams Miss the Mark?

Hopefully, you’re getting some sort of annual blood exam to check up on how your body’s doing. Unfortunately, many “classic” annual blood exams taken at a conventional physician’s office miss important markers that identify early stages of chronic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid. By the time the condition brings up any red flags on…


Histamine Intolerance Explained

healthy cooking

Discovering the AIP Diet

lake norman

What’s Wrong with Lake Norman?

breast exam

A Real Discussion on Women’s Breast Health

black seed oil

Unseen Miracle Cures

fat cells

Fat, (F)or (A)nother (T)ime


Nature’s Natural Air Cleanser Is…

healing oils

Let’s Talk About Uncommon Healing Oils


Surmounting Psoriasis, Inside & Out!


Is Mold Creating Your Health Issues?