Old Fashioned Overnight Chia Seed Oats (Gluten Free)

By Dr Ernst
August 16, 2022

½ cup “One Degree Organic” Gluten/Glyphosate Free Oats (⦁ LINK)
4 TBSP chia seeds ½ cup full fat coconut milk
½ Tsp Date Syrup
¼ TSP vanilla extract
Optional topping: fresh fruit, slivered almonds, chopped nuts, pumpkin seeds) or nut/seed butters


Mix together oats, chia seeds, coconut milk, syrup and vanilla in a major jar. Seal the lid to shake and mix it well.
Top with desired toppings
Refrigerate overnight (or a minimum of 6 hours)
Transfer to a bowl and add additional toppings or simply enjoy straight out of the mason jar for a quick snack or “break-fast” at 12 noon!

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