Summer Sangria – Low Carb Style

Summer Sangria – Low Carb Style


• 1 Organic Orange

• 1 Organic Lemon

• 1 Organic Lime

• 1 BOTTLE “Dry Farm” Wine (Red or White)

• 1/2 CUP mixed organic berries

• 1 CUP sparkling water

• Liquid Sweet Leaf Stevia, Plain


  1. Juice all of the citrus fruit, collecting in a glass pitcher or serving jar setting the rinds aside
  2. Slice the rinds into medium sized slivers, adding to the pitcher
  3. Chop the berries into halves, adding to the pitcher
  4. Add the red /white wine to the pitcher
  5. Stir and refrigerate for 1-2 hour
  6. Add sparking water to the pitcher just before serving
  7. Serve over ice or directly into a glass & enjoy!