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Household Recipes from the AskDrErnst Show

Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon Cough Syrup

This is a perfect duo to fight any cold. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, and copper. Honey, when mixed with bodily enzymes kills bacteria within your system. Ingredients: 1 Pint of RAW honey (local preferred) 1 whole organic lemon Directions: Pour honey in a pan on stove top and heat on very low…

Homemade sunscreen

Make Your Own Sunscreen

Some oils are naturally protective against the sun’s UV rays… Coconut oil and Shea butter are 2 amazing ones we use in this easy-to- make sunscreen recipe. By adding zinc oxide to the mix you can get even more protection (equivalent to about SPF 20) 2 oz. organic coconut oil 16 oz. organic shea butter 2 oz.…

But Spray

Homemade Bug Spray

Don’t you hate those pesky bugs in the summertime while trying to enjoy your yard in the beautiful evening nights. Here’s a perfect non-chemical ridden solution. The best remedy is homemade with ingredients you are familiar with. Why is important not to just grab the insect repellent from the store? Because it contains a bodily dangerous toxic…

hand sanitizer

Ask Dr. Ernst’s Natural Hand Sanitizer

INGREDIENTS: 1/3 cup isopropyl alcohol 1 oz of lemon juice 15 drops of tea tree oil 15 drops of anti-viral oil (On Guard/Thieves) DIRECTIONS: Mix all ingredients together in a small spray bottle. Spray bottle should preferably be glass.

elderberry syrup LOGO

Elderberry Immune Boosting Syrup

INGREDIENTS: 1/2 cups dried elderberries* 2 cups water 1 tbsp grated ginger 1/2 cup raw honey * Organic elderberries are very hard to find in local stores. They are found on Amazon with the link below ic-Elder-Berries-Whole/dp/B00RR27PHU/
 DIRECTIONS: Place elderberries, water, and ginger in a small saucepan over high heat, bringing the mixture to…


Homemade Kitchen and Countertop Cleaner

Store-bought, conventional cleaners are filled to the brim with toxins. It is absorbed into your skin, through your lungs and it makes its way from your countertops to your food. Luckily, homemade and very simple cleaners exist that are much safer, just as effective and actually much more affordable than what you will normally get…

Structured Water

Himalayan Salt Sole’ (Structured Water)

To make structured water follow this recipe and use the resulting sole’ concentrate in your daily drinking water supply. By divine design, salt is the only food/element that is absorbed directly into the cells in its primal form; it is a building block of life, essential to human cellular health. Himalayan pink salt is extremely rich in minerals…