Stamp Out A Cold In Less Than 48hrs With These Natural Tips

Stamp Out A Cold In Less Than 48hrs With These Natural Tips

Having a cold is the most common reason for illness in the US and its estimated that 1 billion cases of common cold occur each year. More than 200 different viruses are known to cause the symptoms of the common cold, the majority are caused by rhinoviruses, which alone have 99 distinct types. Once in-side your body, the cold virus attaches itself to the lining of your throat or nose, triggering your body’s immune system to send white blood cells. If you’ve built antibodies to this virus in the past, the fight doesn’t last long.

However, if the particular virus is new, your body sends reinforcements to fight, inflaming your nose and throat. With so much of your body’s energy and resources aimed at fighting the cold, you’re often left feeling tired and miser-able. The good news is there are simple ways to strengthen your immune function to ward off the common cold, and other viruses for that matter.

Bone Broth – The original soup for a cold, it contains amino acids and minerals that naturally support immunity. In fact, research has shown that chicken soup is a classic cold remedy for a very good reason; it actually does have beneficial medicinal activity and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, as a hot liquid, it’s an excellent choice for flushing out mucus build up. Consume bone broth made of real grass fed bones and antiviral herbs like garlic and ginger.

Water – Increasing your hydration is one the simplest and basic of common cold remedies, so don’t underestimate its importance! Increasing your hydration is the key loosening up that nasty congestion. Dehydration can only make a head cold feel much worse than it needs to be. Try to drink at least eight ounces of water every two hours awake.

Ginger – A scientific review published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine reveals that ginger extract contains anti-inflammatory com-pounds like gingerol, shogaol, parasol and zingerone. Trying make a ginger tea and add raw honey to ease the inflammation of that sore throat, runny nose and cough. You can also put 5 drops of ginger oil into an empty veggie cap, along with other oils mentioned below, to make a natural antiviral supplement.

Garlic – Garlic can really help to boost immune function with its antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, which are often attributed to com-pound it contains called allicin. Try including both cooked and raw garlic in your meals to kill off cold-causing viruses. You can also use garlic essential oil (different than garlic oil for cooking). Place 5 drops of the essential oil into a veggie cap, along with ginger and oregano oil for a powerful natural anti-viral supplement.

Oregano Oil – One of the most potent antivirals in natures kitchen oregano oil with its major component, carvacrol, has been shown to have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. It’s important to note that oregano oil is so powerful that it should only be taken for 10 days at a time and then cycle off for 10 days. 5 drops of the oil into a veggie cap goes along way!

Fasting – Have you ever noticed when you are sick you don’t want to eat? That’s because your innate inelegance knows one of the best ways to boost your immune system is fasting. As I am sure you know by now, I am a huge fan of fasting, for multiple reasons, and 24 hour water or bone broth fast can boost your human growth hormone by up to 2000% which gives your immune system a significant boost to fight back.

Chiropractic Care – You might feel included to cancel/skip your adjustment when under the weather but research shows that receiving chiropractic care does boost your immune systems response and does improve the quality of life. Spinal adjustments have been shown to increase polymorpho-nuclear neutrophils. These particular white blood cells are one of the first lines of defense against infectious invaders. They enhance the function of immune cell responses that protect the body against destructive agents. All the more reason to make and/or add additional adjustments when under the weather.

Vitamin D3 – Known as your immunity supplement, vitamin D3 can be taken at “mega doses” to help stop a cold in its tracks quickly. To find the dose right for you simply take your body weight, add three zeros, divide by 7,then round to the nearest 5,000. For example – a 178lb male would need25,000 IU daily for 7 days or until they feel better (178,000/7 = 25,428). A124lb female would need 15,000 IU daily for 7 days or until they feel better(124,000 / 7 = 17,714). The same equation works for children! Once better, its recommended that adults take 10,000 IU daily for maintenance and most children 5,000 IU daily for maintenance.

Use these tips and you will see your next cold duration is diminished greatly, or prevented outright all together.