Study Connects Diabetes and Cancer

Study Connects Diabetes and Cancer

Mom, Dad and the rest of your family tree are not to blame for disease. A new Dutch study has shown that men and women with type 2 diabetes are at significantly greater risk for colon and breast cancer, respectively.

“The evidence is getting quite strong that there is an association between diabetes and cancer,” said Kirstin De Bruijn, the study’s leader and doctoral student in the surgery department at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.

The most disturbing part of the study, though , is the acknowledgment that this kind of link is unsurprising. One medical expert interviewed about the study admitted that the results were “not unexpected.”

The expert also suggests ignoring the new findings to find a way to “optimize treatment” and “find a
cure for diabetes.”

This reasoning sheds more light on why the United States consumes most of the world’s medication, despite being only 5 percent of the global population. Even in the face of research, the outdated medical model still
wants to mask the disease with dangerous drugs and surgeries instead of finding ways to help you and others get to the cause.

At AskDrErnst, we believe that diseases are not conquered through cures. So-called miracle drugs only mask
symptoms, and they are an excuse to make people lifelong, willing cash machines for the pharmaceutical companies.. Diseases are only truly “cured” when their cause is identified and corrected.

The “cure” for type 2 diabetes that this expert has her fingers crossed for has actually been identified already. She even names it in her interview.

According to a recent interview, the expert says, “In lieu of [a cure], the best way to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes is to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a normal body weight.

That’s like saying, “Until we put up signs saying that the bridge ahead just collapsed, we will just keep sending
people to the hospital.”

The AskDrErnst program covers all the bases of your family’s health. It applies real health knowledge in a common sense way, so you can maintain a healthy weight and live a maximized life.

Most importantly, however, is your nerve system which controls and coordinates all healing and function in the body. As a whole, the AskDrErnst program strengthens your body’s innate ability to fight disease and heal.

The newest research has finally stated something we could have assumed years ago: There is really no such
thing as disease; there is really only lack of health. The AskDrErnst focus is not to name and treat diseases. Instead, we are trying to identify  interference to your body’s ability to heal and then remove it, so you can live a long, healthy, maximized life!

The sugar connection

Cancer cells use sugar for fuel eight times more than any other cell in your body. Research shows that in a “cancer-free” person, there exist between 100 and 10,000 cancer cells at any given time.

Type II diabetes develops over time as continued consumption of sugar causes sustained spikes in insulin creation from your pancreas to the point that your cells no longer respond to insulin. It might not be a legitimate correlation between diabetes and cancer, but it certainly shows that sugar causes diabetes, which leads to cancer, and then the sugar feeds the cancer cells. Lesson? Don’t eat sugar.

It may seem hard, but don’t fret. Sugar cravings can be destroyed in 14 days if you replace sugar with stevia or xylitol and remove all dairy and grains (wheat/rice) from your diet.

A Message From Dr. Ernst

It should come as no shock that the cause and cure of disease has been known for years! In 1895 the connection between brain & disease was discovered, showing a neurological (subluxation) cause of disease,
proving reversal of disease with proper nerve function.

In 1931 a Nobel Prize laureate announced that disease begins when your body becomes deoxygenated,
proving reversal of disease with oxygen therapy. Ye t , despite these “old” discoveries, we still hold to the
idea of disease management (medicine) instead of disease reversal. You hold the power of health in your hands and I urge you and your family to seek a true form of healthcare – one that recognizes the bodies innate abilities for health and healing.