The Biology of Beliefs & Your Maker Is Your Mirror

The Biology of Beliefs & Your Maker Is Your Mirror

Did you know that every cell in your body is directly affected by your thoughts! WOW – think about that for a moment (while your cells feel you think). Your thoughts make your cells work! This is based on research done by Dr. Bruce Lipton (PhD) and described in further detail in his book “The Biology of Belief.” To make things “more interesting” your thoughts are rooted in your beliefs and your actions are rooted in your thoughts. Let me see if this helps you to conceptualize:

First there is a belief statement in all human minds (an accepted statement that is true to you – it might not be “the actual truth” but it feels true to you). Then you have your thoughts (an idea generated by your mind based on a belief held). Then you have your actions (the art of you doing anything, or not doing anything, which is based on your thoughts). Then you have results (the effect of your actions).

I know, it’s deep isn’t it? Let me see if this helps you to see what Dr. Lipton is talking about:

If you BELIEVE that disease is something that happens when you get older, and you believe old is 40, 50, 60 etc., then you will THINK and visualize what it looks like to be sick with disease at those ages (which all happens in the silence of your mind – but it’s actually quite loud for some people). Now that you have anchored that THOUGHT to your BELIEF you will ACT in accord i.e. – doing nothing to prevent the formation of the disease because, to you, there is nothing that can be done, so why do anything, thus the action is inaction which leads to results (the disease you saw yourself with) that only reinforces the belief! Do you see it now???

So the ultimate question is what do you BELIEVE about yourself?

– Do you believe that health is a series of genetic expressions beyond your control and disease is something you either have (unlucky/bad genes) or don’t (lucky/good genes)? OR do you believe you can control your genes, preventing their expression?
– Do you believe that health is found by swallowing pills from orange bottle with a white top? Do you believe that BigPharma and your MDs sell health? OR do you believe that health is already inside of you, needing no stimulation from the outside – instead a release from within to express?

– Do you believe that your body was created weak, unable to heal itself, destine to need outside support in order to function? (vaccines, OTC and Prescriptive meds)
 OR do you believe that your body is made in the mirror image of God himself – the very creator of the universe and all that is within it and that you were given a gift of life/health and abundance greater than anything “man” can make?

This Sunday my pastor (Steven Furtick – Elevation Church) gave what I considered to be THE BEST SERMON of his career to date, “Your Maker Is Your Mirror” (Please take some time this week and visit to watch it)

He confirmed what Dr. Lipton was talking about in “The Biology of Belief” when he said “Do you see yourself as God sees you?”- i.e. through the mirror of your maker, believing what God spoke about your life or “Do you see yourself as the enemy sees you?” – broke, cast aside, defective, weak etc. – though the mirror of the world.

So many of us are looking in the wrong mirrors. Some put 20 min into their makeup before leaving the house but didn’t spend 20 min looking at what is in you – YOUR BELIEFS! YOUR POWER! We leave the house fully dressed and put together but we have done nothing to change our attitudes (from negative to positive) our thoughts (from negative to positive) and our beliefs (from untruths to THE TRUTH).

Why is this so important? The world, your life, your day to day will either tear you down or make you stronger. What determines the outcome? YOUR BELIEFS! We settle for what the world says about us, and do not RISE UP to where are actually seated – in the spiritual realm.
Let me give you an example that may help you see this the way I did while sitting in Sunday service:

Many of us have beliefs that are rooted in failure, dismay, despair and our body feels that (Bruce Lipton saying your beliefs make your cells act a certain way.) These negative thoughts produce negative function at a cellular level which ultimately ends up as a body not preforming and functioning as it should (pre-disease to disease). Then we go to a doctor (because we believe that is where health is – note these actions are only after the belief produces a thought which produces the action) and then we are TOLD who we are (MIRROR) “you are diabetic, you have high blood-pressure, you are obese, you are getting older and sicker” etc. This is MEDICINE’S MIRROR. If you go to this mirror you will always feel small.

Instead the mirror of your maker says I AM. And because you are made in his image – YOU ARE. What are we? God made, god powered. Capable, able, healthy and whole. But Dr. Ernst – I don’t feel that way! EXACTLY STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR OF THE WORLD. (Did you your brain has “mirror neurons” which actually feel what you see – if you see someone unhappy you become unhappy!)

You are more than just a body of “parts.” You are more than just a person existing in time. You are more than just you. You are “I AM” – made of dust and touched with divinity. FREE even though you don’t feel free. You have a higher purpose and a greater name.

So, what can you do if you don’t see that? What can you do if you don’t believe it? Step one is to simply become aware that you need to change a belief. It’s the art of moving from unconscious incompetence (the state of not knowing you don’t know – i.e. unaware of your unawareness) to conscious incompetence (the state of now knowing that you don’t know – i.e. knowing you are unaware). While this can be scary for most, and usually prevents the average person from taking any action, press on! The next stage is conscious competence (i.e. knowing that you know, confidence with action) – learning something new and applying it. Testing the water to reinforce a new belief.


This is the very thing many of you have done when you tossed your old diet/lifestyle (old beliefs/thoughts/actions) for a new diet (technically a new belief/thought and action) which gave massive improvements so you decided to continue living in the new belief/thought/actions now as a lifestyle choice (no longer a diet) for as long as you want the good results.

This is what happens when someone corrects their spine, feels the relief and healing that results then chooses to maintain their new state of health year after year by renewing an annual maintenance plan.

BUT HOLD ON – there is another level – unconscious competence (when you don’t have to think about it anymore because it’s become an ingrained action based on who you now are – the new you off the new belief). Someone who acts in unconscious competence will do the new action without even know they are doing it – and get the result they want while saying “I have no idea how I did that!” (When in reality they have graduated from knowing how to subconsciously knowing).

Let me give you an example to see if this helps – as I’m sure you may be saying “Dr. Ernst WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!”

Have you ever driven your car for 10, 15 or even 30+ miles only to find out after that time has passed that you DON’T REMEMBER DRIVING! It’s usually because you were in deep thought (or texting/sending emails while driving – come on you know you do it) but in reality, your subconscious kicked in and took control (unconsciously-competently getting you to your destination) because you have been driving for many years in conscious competence – i.e. mastering the skill of driving so that you can do it without even thinking (unconscious)!

I pray this helps you to see you are more than you feel you are. You have more power than you ever imagined inside of you – you simply need to BELIEVE THAT. In short – God sees you as perfect, whole, happy and healed. Do you see it? If not, LOOK IN A DIFFERENT MIRROR. If you need help with this let me know – I can point you in the right direction. Share this with your family, co-workers, and neighbors. Feel free to share this on any social media platform you want: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even by email! I am sure you know someone who needs to read this!