The MANY Healing Benefits Of Monolaurin

The MANY Healing Benefits Of Monolaurin

Monolaurin is a chemical your body makes when you consume Lauric Acid – the very acids found in coconut milk and oil and also breast milk. What I find interesting is most people have never heard of Monolaurin, or know that a simply supplement of Lauric Acid can significantly boost your bodies natural production of this healing molecule.

Monolaurin has extremely powerful health effects, ranging from preventing and treating common cold viruses, herpes, shingles and even MRSA (antibiotic resistance staph!). While the worlds eyes are focused on #COVID-19 one would think this molecule should be topic for main stream media (oh wait, they don’t want to you heal yourself or share the truth about how your body will handle#COVID19, and any other virus for that matter, with 99.99% efficiency).

Scientists believe Monoluarin to be one of the most promising natural antimicrobial agents produced by your body. Technically known as Glyceryl Monolaurate, Glyceryl Laurate, or 1-Lauroyl-glycerol, its a Monoglyceride (a single molecule of glycerol attached to a fatty acid). You will consume its precursor (lauric acid)when you use coconut (48% Lauric acid by volume) or when you take it directly as a supplements (Lauricidin). Remember – you can’t buy Monoluarin itself, as your body produces it by converting the Lauric acid you eat or take into the active version, Monolaurin.

Lauric Acid is used as a food additive, emulsifier and a preservative in many foods as well as within the cosmetic industry.

Antiviral Activity Monolaurin is effective against viruses that has a fat (lipid) membrane on the out-side. Since monolaurin is the same size as the fat molecule of the virus, it ab-sorbs into the cell’s fat layer. As it has poor binding power, the skin envelope breaks apart. This prevents the virus from attaching and entering host cells, stop-ping infection and replication. Scientists also think Monolaurin disrupts virus replication by blocking DNA replication signals. In the lab, when monolaurin binds to the viral envelope, it makes the virus more recognizable to the immune system.

Antibacterial Activity – Researchers have shown that Monolaurin incorporates itself into the bacterial membrane of gram-positive bacteria and destroys them by breaking down the cell membrane and destroys them by breaking down the cell membrane. This stops bacteria from replicating and spreading by literally “exploding” the bacteria, making it easier for the immune system to destroy and remove them.

Monolaurin has also been shown to stop the production of most Staphylococcaltoxins and other proteins at the bacterial DNA level. It also blocks the production of beta-lactamases, which are responsible for resistance to Penicillins, extended spectrum Cephalosporins, Monobactams, and Carbapenems making it an extremely powerful against antibiotic resistant strains.

A cell study compared Monolaurin to 6 common antibiotics (including Penicillin, Oxacillin, and Vancomycin) against bacteria causing skin infections. Monolaurin was found to be as effective as the antibiotics in power, but won in a landslide since it has no negative effects on healthy bacteria (all antibiotics not only destroy opportunistic bacteria but also the healthy bacteria in your oral, sinus and gut Microbiome – which weakens your immune system).

Anti Lyme, Mold and Other Bio Toxins –Several studies have shown that Monolaurin is active against the bacteria Borre-lia Burgdoferi, the spirochete that causes Lyme Disease, and has also been associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Several people with recurrent Lyme disease claim that once they started consuming large amounts of coconut oil daily (6+TBSP) their symptoms diminished significantly.

Mold can trigger an allergic reaction affecting the immune response and leading to a myriad of symptoms including extreme fatigue, anxiety, body and muscle aches, Fibromyalgia, joint stiffness, headaches, sensitivity to light, smells and sound and brain fog. Many people suffer for countless years trying to find an answer to their symptoms, especially when traditional medicine cannot test or offer help with mold/chronic mold. Monlaurin has been researched to be one of the most powerful agents for neutralizing and eliminating mold and its toxins from the body.

Increasing Your Body’s Concentration of Monolaurin – As Monolaurin is made internally by the conversion of Lauric Acid, you simply need to consume more Lauric acid and your body will take care of the rest! Coconut oil has the highest amount of Lauric Acid by volume of any food product (its also found in palm oil). You can’t really eat too much of it either! Use it as a substitute for any and all oils in your diet. Lauric Acid Supplement: “Lauricidin” – you simply swallow the pressed capsules of Lauric Acid. Start with 1/4 scoop, then increase by 1/4 scoop daily until you reach 1-2 tsp daily.