The Many Ways Traditional Medicine Is Failing You

The Many Ways Traditional Medicine Is Failing You

Despite the many advances in medical science (did you know they are currently developing a real-life “Star Trek Tricorder” to be able to scan for health issues) the health of Americans is on a sharp decline. Not only are the rates of all major chronic diseases climbing, but so are the associated healthcare costs. Life expectancy is declining rather than increasing and a recent article puts “medicine” as the 3rd leading cause of death in the US (to put that into perspective you have a higher chance of dying from medical care in the US than you do from anything and everything you can possibly think of harming you, outside of heart disease and cancer which is #1 and #2 respectively).

Below are several of the main reasons “Health Care” and “Medicine” are so dangerous:

Symptom Chasers: Symptoms can range from something you can feel (headache) to an underlying metabolic disturbance (elevated blood sugar) and, despite what you may have been told, they are NOT the cause of your health issue. Symptoms are the superficial expression of a much deeper-rooted issue – but medicine is designed to “treat” them – usually with the help of BigPharma or procedures. Medicine is not designed to address the cause of the problem.

Hormone replacement drugs don’t solve why the hormone is low in the first place, nor do blood pressure/cholesterol pills solve the cause of the elevation.

What Can You Do? Have a holistic physician, chiropractor, or functional medicine practitioner in your health portfolio – these professions seek and address the root causes rather than treating/masking superficial symptoms.

Doctors Education: Sure, a doctorate in medicine (MD) requires 4-5 years of post-graduate education plus countless of years specializing but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are educated in health! 95% of medical school is spent learning how, when, where (and where not to) prescribe medications or how to perform their surgical procedural skill. Less than 5% of all the medical education and experience in residency is spent on learning how to prevent disease, locate and address the underlying causes of disease, and achieve optimal health. Diet and nutrition are only 25 hours of their entire 4-year doctoral education and to make matters worse, less than 20% of medical schools require a class on nutrition and health! All your MD learned while in school is how to identify the endless and ever-growing list of symptoms that are associated with various conditions, how to treat those symptoms (only once a diagnosis has been established), and how to perform various procedures, like surgeries, biopsies, etc.

What Can You Do? Self-education is a requirement today for anyone wishing to become healthy. You can start with the Cellular Healing Diet off and you can continue to learn via all the Radio Shows/Webinars and live streams I host – my goal is to download more than a decade’s worth of health coaching into your life!

Follow the Money! Simple fact, no one makes money when people are healthy! The number of dollars associated with BigPharma are incomprehensible – the global market for prescription medications is now 1.5 trillion dollars annually! What makes matters worse is that medical doctors have become the “dealers” for BigPharma – such that most doctors often prescribe simply what the pharmaceutical company tells them to (as opposed to using generics or less expensive name-brand medications that are equally as effective as the newest wonder drug). There’s just too much money and millions of jobs associated with health care today – the system and the medical economy needs you to be sick – that’s why their goal is simply disease management rather than disease elimination.

What Can You Do? Become your own doctor and stop investing in medicine (copays, insurance, prescriptions, etc.) Make good food choices, begin a detoxification program, and clean your body and home from toxic products. This is again why it’s so important to have a holistic practitioner in your pocket at all times!

Forcing Medical Models on Citizens:
Think about it – our government forces you to have health insurance. Once you turn 65 Medicare turn on. Try to decline it and you will quickly see a fine and that you cannot refuse or opt-out unless you give up your social security number! On top of that, federal, state, and local governments mandate vaccines for yourself and your children at various stages of life – even though there is overwhelming scientific evidence that vaccines do more harm than good! Medicine today has become so infiltrated into the government regulations that it now has its own form of legislative law – with a view that it’s all “for the common good.” This is simply another tactic to make sure you don’t have access to real health care as almost all insurance companies will flag procedures that seek to address the cause as “experimental or non-covered” and set the cost outside of what anyone can afford to pay.

What Can You Do? You still have rights and can refuse vaccines (simple paperwork is all it takes most times), kick your insurance and sign up for medical sharing programs instead (Medishare, Samaritans). Invest in yourself via chiropractic, organic food, plant-based fermented supplements and other healing arts (functional medicine acupuncture etc.)