The Miracle Called YOU!

The Miracle Called YOU!

Did you know that your brain weighs three pounds?

  1. It holds 100 trillion bits of information in a lifetime.
  2. The brain has 100 billion nerve cells.
  3. If you put the information that your brain can hold over a 70-year life into encyclopedias, they would stack 442 miles high.
  4. Your bone marrow produces 8 million new red blood cells per minute.
  5. Each footstep you take places three times your body weight on that foot.
  6. You walk 77,000 miles in a lifetime.
  7. Every 7 years your body completely replaces itself.
  8. When you swallow an apple, it eventually turns into skin, heart, lungs, kidney cells, etc.

And the million-dollar statement is, “You don’t think that your body has the ability to heal from the flu, cure the common cold, recover from cancer, heal itself from liver failure and correct asthma?” When you truly know the facts of the human body, it is absurd to think that you need a drug, a pill or a potion to cure something when the body has the ability to do the things it does, all created from two cells: a sperm and an egg.

We must become “wowed” with our bodies, mesmerized by the concept that our body not only created itself, but also recreates itself and all healing comes from within (not without). When one is in total touch with the fact that his or her body is amazing and will heal itself from all disease when given the chance. At that point, we can start taking control of our own health. As long as we make proper chiropractic adjustments that remove the nerve interference to the human potential, get proper sleep, drink proper water, eat a balanced diet and exercise, the miracles in your body will explode.

The innate intelligence of the human body knows more in one second than you could ever know, no matter how much you think you study or you think you know. The innate intelligence of the body has been building and running millions of bodies for millions of years. Educated men and women will never find the cure for sickness and disease because they are looking in the wrong place.

The cure for all sickness and disease is from within. Get yours within expressing itself at 100 percent, and your life will change spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, etc. Grab this big idea, and all else follows.

To put this into a bit more perspective, did you know that your body is literally worth Millions (possibly billions) of dollars. An FBI report published in 2012 described how much each of your organs are worth, in cash, if they were sold on the black market.

  • Pair of Eyeballs: $1,525
  • Coronary Arteries: $1,525
  • Pint of Blood: $337
  • Kidney: $262,000
  • Scalp w/Hair: $607
  • Heart: $119,000
  • Spleen: $508
  • Gallbladder: $1,219
  • Skull w/Teeth: $1,200
  • Liver: $157,000
  • Stomach: $508
    Skin: $10 / sq. in.
  • Shoulder: $500
  • Hand/Arm: $385
  • Small Intestine: $2,519

If you truly knew how much your body was worth you would respect it as if it was an Italian sports car (say a Ferrari :-)) Only the best (93 or higher) for an automobile built for speed. But some of you are okay with putting lower quality fuel (processed foods, inflammatory oils, refined sugars) into your Ferrari. (Think about your $262K kidney the next time your craving a Diet Coke/Pepsi – I bet it makes it easier to drink water now).

When a mechanic disassembles the parts of a car engine could he reassemble them and discover the engine functioning again? If a computer technician came to your house and disassembled your computer and reassembled the parts would it work again? Most would answer “yes” of course, based on the talent of the technician. What about your body? Do you believe that the top surgeon at the Mayo Clinic could disassemble the parts of the body, reassemble all of your organs and your body would re-animate itself into life?

The obvious answer is “NO!” The more pertinent question should be: Why is it possible to disassemble and re-assemble the unanimated parts of a computer or a car engine and regain mechanical function yet the human body can- not! It is simple: The human body has that mysterious “something” that animates it into life.

Some call it “power”; some call it “intelligence”; some even step out on a limb and call it “Spirit/God”. The fact is, there is a magnificent power that animates us into life. That very power beats your heart, grows your hair, and digests your food. That same power allows you to read this article and interpret the information off the page or computer screen!!

Researchers at Boston’s Forsyth Institute and at Harvard University have taken a big step toward explaining this process. When an embryo consists of just four cells, they found that an electric gradient starts switching on genes. That very power that starts switching on genes is the power that animates you into life. Research shows that the brain is the very first organ to develop. That very power, illustrated by the above researchers, runs the body through the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system using them as conduits for expression.

Your Central Nervous System has been shown to control all function and healing in the body. If there is any interference to the Central Nervous System, that “life switching on” power is interrupted and your organs begin to malfunction.

In today’s world, misalignment of the spine and nervous system is not only common, it is epidemic. Whether you are sick and trying to get well, or well and trying to stay that way, seek a doctor who recognizes that the power inside your body is the power that heals your body and you will find that not in your medical doctor’s office, not in your massage or dental office, and sadly sometimes, not even in a “chiropractic” office.

That is what sets YOU and US apart from any other doctor in the world. We acknowledge that INSIDE OF YOU IS THE GREATEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD. You only need the assistance of removing what you can’t remove yourself – subluxation of the spine, toxicity overload and gut dysbiosis – and the body will do the rest for you!