These Drinks Hydrate Your Body Faster Than Water

These Drinks Hydrate Your Body Faster Than Water

Hydration isn’t as easy as it sounds – yes, water is by far the best thing on this planet you can drink – but so many of us drink 1/2 our body weight in ounces of water (or more) daily only to see our hydration rates stay the same, or sometimes plummet!

Here are some obvious, and not so obvious, reasons we really do need to increase our hydration rates
– Water lubricates your joints – reducing and preventing degenerative joint wear
– Water is essential for the formation of all the other liquids in your body – everything from saliva to mucous, tears to blood.
– Water is essential for oxygen delivery and removal of carbon dioxide – without water, your red blood cells can’t carry essential gasses to and from your cells!
– Water cushions your brain, spinal cord, and nerves, creating a protective barrier that if absent can create neurological damage!
– Water burns fat! Yes, you heard that right – the higher your hydration percentage, the more fat you burn. If your hydration rate is low, you store fat instead of burning fat

Ideal Hydration Rates
Before you start saying to yourself, “I drink enough water, I did my 8 glasses today” – that’s not what I am talking about. I am referring to the percentage by total volume/weight of your body that is water. The ideal hydration rate is between 55 and 60%. If your body hydration rate is less than 45% you are “dehydrated.” Given that 75% of Americans are dehydrated – what I am about to share with you is worth implementing yourself and sharing with those close to you.

The Problem with Water
Water truly is the best beverage you can drink – especially when comparing it to all the “other” beverages on the market today – which are not only loaded with sugars and other additives but are mostly acidic and dehydrating. But water can have a “dark side” – most of the time what you drink passes right through you – a gallon in, a gallon out. Most of us have a hard time absorbing the water we drink – and that has a lot to do with what is in your water – i.e. the things you can’t see.

The water in your body is “structured” i.e. cellular water. Tap water is unstructured – i.e. – DEAD. Its also often filled with toxins (various chemicals due to the water treatment process and other forms of toxins found within most city drinking water systems – heavy metals, medications, etc). This “dead” water will be rejected by a living body – so if you want to have all the amazing health benefits of proper hydration – consider these “hyperhydration beverages”
Structured Water
As mentioned, the water in your body is formed differently than “tap water” – it exists in a unique structured state. Structured water is when water molecules arrange themselves such that their polar charge creates a hexagonal “blanket” instead of large “clumps” as you find with drinking water. You can easily structure your water by vortexing it for 60 seconds within a blender before drinking. There are also various companies that sell “structuring units” which vortex the water as it enters your house or at the sink for easy production of this hyperhydration beverage

Chlorophyll Water
Chlorophyll water is made by adding liquid chlorophyll to a glass of clean, filtered water. Don’t be deterred by its intense green color – the chlorophyll itself is “tasteless” Chlorophyll is the green pigment that enables plants to process energy directly from the sun. It’s also extremely alkalinizing and offers a mild structuring effect to the water. Chlorophyll has more antioxidants than spinach or kale and can easily be added to your water to increase your hydration percentage.

Coconut Water
Coconut water is thought to be “nature’s water” as it remains 100% untouched, developing deep within the coconut – only exposed to air once the coconut itself is opened. It’s a hyper hydrator as its molecular makeup is the same as that of your red blood cells. (Did you know coconut water is the ONLY form of natural water you can give directly via IV without rejection!). Not all are created equal – most today have added sugar or flavors. Plain coconut water is low in sodium, rich in potassium and is the water often left from canned coconut once the fat has been removed. Drink that, not the bottled or boxed “clear” coconut waters to elevate your hydration percentage.

Vegetable Water (i.e. vegetable Juices)
The water found in vegetables is not only structured but carries an incredible amount of alkalinizing properties along with essential phytonutrients you can’t get anywhere else. Some of the best for increasing your hydration percentage include celery (which helps restore your stomach’s HCL and enhances digestion), cucumber (which is high in vitamins A, C, K magnetism silicone and potassium which aids in digestive detoxification) and beet (which improves everything from blood pressure to stamina, prevents anemia and detoxes the liver.

Water Kefir
This probiotic water is made by “water grains” which ferment natural sugar added to water creating a hydrating probiotic beverage.