What? A Cure For Heart Disease “Secretly” Exists!!

What? A Cure For Heart Disease “Secretly” Exists!!

Can I share a secret with you? The cause of heart disease is well known and it’s not red meat, salt or fat intake nor is it your genetics or cholesterol score. If we talk philosophically – the cause of heart disease is “lack of understanding” – i.e. most of us have been “programmed” by BigPharma, the Government, the medical profession and even our parents that heart disease is caused by cholesterol plaques in the vessels of our heart (and body) which restrict blood flow ultimately resulting in a heart attack (or heart effect).

The “Cholesterol Cause” was created by one Ancil Keys, MD who in the 50s became famous for connecting the fats consumed in American diet to be the causative agent in heart disease – i.e. eat a lot of fat and your arteries get clogged and you get heart disease. This “belief” has been so ingrained in our thinking that even most 10-year-olds, when asked what causes heart disease, will answer “dietary fat and elevated blood cholesterol.”

Unfortunately, the research says Dr. Keys was 100% incorrect – and these studies have been available as early as the mid/late 1980s. Why hasn’t standard of heart care changed? – $ $ $. 22 million Americans have prevalent cardiovascular disease and the “heart industry” is worth an approximate $4,000 Billion worldwide. (not 4, but 4,000!)

What is the non-philosophical cause of heart disease – this may sting a little – it’s not just one thing! It’s a combination, a perfect storm if you will, of metallic syndrome, leaky gut, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation and neurological dysfunction. In fact, each categorical cause of heart disease would be its own newsletter outright.

So… how can I maximize your understanding in the less than 1 page of “text real estate” I have remaining… I know – I can let you know about the FREE Online Holistic Heart Health Summit that is going live on Monday June 24th through Thursday June 27th. This 4 day online summit is going to expose not only the underlying causes but simple, at home, therapies and protocols you can implement immediately to drastically improve any current heart condition and prevent any from developing. I’m most excited about Day 4 – as that’s the day you will hear from ME about the connection of 4 specific heavy metals and how they CAUSE heart disease (if present in your body at toxic levels).

How to Naturally Heal Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Problems and Reverse/Prevent Heart Attack & Strokes

Introducing the Online Heart Health Summit about how to naturally heal blood pressure problems, cholesterol problems, and prevent heart attacks and strokes. All to avoid the #1 disease killer of men and women. (without drugs)

This is an amazing new online summit from heart health experts from across the country that have banded together to reveal everything you need to know to avoid the #1 disease killer of men and women…heart disease. All for free!


This means you’ll learn step-by-step exactly how to naturally overcome blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, and heart attack threats without drugs!

Why Should You Register and Watch This Online Summit?
#1 Reason: 1,726 people die of Heart Disease every single day in America from heart disease. What makes matters most is they are just numbers, they are mothers & fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers of children who are being sold a lie. I believe that the majority of these cases are unnecessary and preventable.

#2 Reason: Discover the secrets the drug companies don’t want you to know about heart disease

#3 Reason: IT’S FREE, and ONLINE (which means you can even wear your pajamas to this event if you want!)

Day 1: Monday June 24th

  • Justin Mosley : Genetics & Heart Disease, Aspirin and other lies, Natural Drug Alternatives
  • Greg Abbott: Truth about statins, Understanding Cholesterol #s, Top 3 Cholesterol Alternatives
  • Greg Barnes: Dinner Plate & Heart Health, 5 Nutrition Hacks, 5 Superfood Supplements

Day 2: Tuesday June 25th

  • Patrick Flynn: Fallacy of Heart screening, Top 10 screening tests, How to never test + for heart disease
  • Rosie Main: Fitness & Heart, Energizing Heart Cells, 5 go to energy boosts
  • Ryan Sousley: Ketosis and Heart Health, The Adrenal / Cortisol Connection

Day 3: Wednesday June 26th

  • Don Clum: Sugar & Heart Disease, How to Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Fast, The Fasting Cure
  • Shannyn Pearce: BMI & Heart Disease, Heart Hormone Connection, Salt – Love it or Hate it?
  • Blake Livingood: 4 Controllable Risk Factors, 5 Heart Fixes, 21-day Heart Challenge

Day 4: Thursday June 27th

  • Aaron Ernst: 4 Heavy Metals Stroke, Blood Pressure & Heart Attack, Exposures and 3 DIY Heavy Metal Detoxes
  • Matt Symons: Electricity & Heart, Correcting AFib + 5 Heart Health Musts
  • Dan Sullivan: Brain Heart Connection, 3 Ways to Reduce Stress & Inflammation

How To Register: Simply type this https://bit.ly/2KISgBE into your computer/smart phone/tablet or visit our in office kiosk.

BONUS GIFTS included in your FREE registration:

  • Inflammation Cheat Sheet eBook – Dr. Blake Livingood
  • Healthy Alternatives to Sugar & Gluten eBook – Dr. Dan Sullivan
  • 3 Day Greens Detox eBook – Dr. Blake Livingood
  • The Heavy Metals Guide eBook – Dr. Aaron Ernst

If you are new to Online Summits – welcome to the future of real health care. Multiple experts, interviews and protocols for education you on how to become your own doctor. Yes – the cure is YOU! You will not find it anywhere else but within. Not only within your understanding (the first step to fixing anything) but also in your action (which is rooted in your understating).


The most frustrating thing is knowing what needs to be done but not knowing how to do it. Join myself and these doctors while watching lectures and interviews in the comfort of your home!


Each day’s videos will be available 100% free for 24 hours and as the next day begins those videos expire as the new videos are now free to watch for the next 24 hours.