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Optimizing your body’s ability to heal itself can be complicated — but it doesn’t have to be! Dr. Aaron Ernst, DC, DNM, DHS, LMP, PScD has coached thousands of people across the US, Canada, and around the world using a simple, multi-step functional system that activates your immune system, cleans your detox pathways, and resets your microbiome, allowing your body a chance to finally take control of its innate healing power.

The result is a healthier, happier body that becomes a regenerative machine capable of maintaining healthy weight, clearing toxins with ease, and living free of health issues!

What We Offer


Functional Laboratory Testing

Innovative healing begins with innovative testing! Our gold-standard functional tests detect often-overlooked factors like biotoxins, heavy metals, micronutrient levels and more.

Structural Chiropractic

By restoring communication between your cells through spinal and neurological restoration, we help your body operate the way it was intended, empowering its innate ability to achieve and maintain health and wellness.

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Good nutrition is way more than just what you are eating! Our functional nutritional coaching includes dietary education, bio-identical supplement, enzyme and meal strategies, targeting your individual laboratory results

Cellular Detoxification

Healthy cells can heal the body. We’ll preform a variety of cellular detoxification techniques including chelation and mitochondrial metabolism makeovers to train your body to detox, rejuvenate your cells and heal automatically!

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Who We are

Meet The Team


Dr. Aaron Ernst

Dr. Ernst, DC, DNM, DHS, LMP, PScD serves as Chief Functional clinic director of Cornerstone Health Center, a Charlotte-based functional integrative wellness center specializing in structural chiropractic, physiotherapy, neuromuscular re-education, chelation detox and nutritional coaching. He is also host of the weekly broadcast “AskDrErnst” which airs Saturday’s at 3:00 pm EST on WBT (1110 AM) while simultaneously streaming live on and


Dr. Sarah Ernst

Dr. Sarah Ernst, DC, LMP, PScD is the founder of Prosperity Health and is a cellular detoxification coach and chiropractor. She has obtained countless hours of training in cellular detoxification, functional endocrinology, and female hormone issues. Her experience has led her to spend countless hours studying and researching to create procedures that help people reach their full health potential.


Leah Morton- North Office Manager


Samantha Williams - South Office Manager

Ricki Herlihy
Ricki Herlihy
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I had some kind of “mystery condition” covering 75% of my body that the other 4 doctors I went to see couldn’t diagnose. After almost 18 months of tests, medications, lotions and potions I finally found someone who knew where to begin to find the answer that would lead to my healing. Two months later, we saw complete healing! I am so thankful for his genuine concern and the integrity of his practice. I highly recommend him to anyone who is fed up with traditional medicine and really wants to finally get well.
Marie Groves
Marie Groves
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The medical field has failed me. But Dr. Ernst is an answer to my prayers. I weighed 465 in 1990 and I have been trying to find someone who had answers to help me heal. Total weight loss to date: 186lbs. So thank you, Dr. Ernst, for saving my life.
George Blackmore
George Blackmore
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I have been going to Dr Ernst since he opened. He is the best chiropractor we have ever seen. He has helped us stay healthy into our 60's. We are so thankful for him.
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