5 Phases to better health

Nutrition Program Phases

Phase 1

Let's get back to basics! We'll help you rebuild your gut microbiome from square one with simple, super-nutritious solutions.

Phase 2

Building on Phase 1, you'll begin adding nutrient-dense foods back into your diet — eating healthy never tasted so good!

Phase 3

It's time to have some fun! We have a ton of recipes to prepare your newfound favorites that are easy on your digestion and great for your health!

Phase 4

Momentum is at its peak and you're seeing the progress! After this phase, we'll do your second blood panel to measure your success thus far and how we can tweak trouble spots for maximum results!

Phase 5

Now that you're an expert at this, we'll show you how to optimize what to eat and when, and how to resist temptations at special events!

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