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The “Global Village” Means Global Disease

You've likely heard the term "global village" in your travels by now. It was coined way back in 1962 by a Canadian academic, Marshall McLuhan, to describe how...
Giemsa stained micrograph depicts a platelet artifact that could

Beat Parasites the All-Natural Way

Don't freak out, but there is a 50/50 chance that, as you read this right now, a foreign pathogenic parasite is living inside your body. Most commonly these...

The Absolute WORST Foods You Can Eat and How To Substitute Them

Chances are you are feeling overwhelmed with how complicated it is to eat healthy these days. I'm dubbing it "Nutrition Fatigue Disorder." Paleo, vegan, pescatarian, low-carb, organic, ketogenic,...

Protecting and Healing Your Mighty Mitochondria

For those of you who took at least one biology class, you probably at least vaguely remember what the mitochondria are. But that was probably a long time...
Crop Nutrition

The Climate is Changing and It’s Taking Your Food With It

The climate is changing unfortunately. Why this is happening isn't what this post is about. We're not going to get into... all that. But we do have to...

Getting the Most From Your Exercise

Diet, weight loss, muscle building, and exercise are the subject of much debate. In a society plagued with obesity and simultaneously concerned with body image, the key to...

Vertigo: Get Your Balance Back

Millions of Americans are affected by vertigo. It’s essentially the sense that you, or the world (or both) are not in balance. It can be dizziness. It can...

Is “Junk Light” Worse Than Junk Food?

We all have a sense of what would be considered "junk food." Things that might come to mind initially: empty calories, fast food, snacks, sweets, processed food, sugar,...
Plant Protein

Nine Healthy Veggies You Probably Never Think of Buying

We all know it's important to eat our vegetables, but chances are these vegetables have not been on your plate in a while (or ever!). For a number...

Your Sexual Health: Fertility and Enjoying Sex in All Stages of Life

Sexual health is an issue with a lot of angles. For young people, the concerns are unwanted pregnancies, STDs and frankly—especially for the young fellas—just getting someone to...

Babies and Bacteria: Unlikely Friends

The modern convention regarding babies is to keep them as clean and sterile as possible. And while babies are, in some ways, more susceptible to disease than (healthy)...

12 Recipes for Your Health: The Amazing, Multi-Purpose Oregano Oil

You may have never heard of the many benefits of oregano oil, or you may be a veteran user. Either way, it's a good bet this article is...

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