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Dr Aaron Ernst

Dr. Aaron Ernst, DC, LMP, PSCD

Dr. Ernst serves as clinic director of Cornerstone Health Center, a Charlotte based functional integrative wellness center specializing in structural neurology, physiotherapy, neuromuscular re- education, chelation detox and nutritional coaching.

He is also host of the weekly broadcast "AskDrErnst" which airs Saturday’s a 3:00 pm EST on News 1110 AM / 99.3 FM WBT and streaming live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Dr. Ernst has coached thousands across the US,  Canada and multiple worldwide countries towards self-healing during his career using a simple 3-step functional system that activates your immune system, cleans your detox systems and resets your microbiome. Using this technique many have seen diabetes, thyroid issues, auto-immune disorders and even cancer resolve.

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What will happen when Dr. Ernst calls? He will do a review of your past history, explore potential functional causes and inform you of testing options and techniques you can implement to begin your self-healing journey immediately.