A God Story – Pancreatic Cancer & Healing By Faith by Jordan Crumbly – CHC North Office Manager

By Dr Ernst
November 13, 2023

It is an honor to share with you some incredible news about what God is doing in our health ministry at Cornerstone Health Center. I want to be as transparent as possible with our Cornerstone patients about the transition that is now happening with me in this office.

I have decided to step down from full time office management to spend more time with my family and be an accountability partner to my dad with his recent diagnosis. Before I share this exciting news, I felt strongly led to share some of my personal life and my dad’s health story so it can be a to action and encouragement for you all.

3 months ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. This was a complete surprise to him and our family. My dad was a perfectly “healthy” hardworking business owner and pastor whose world got completely flipped upside down with one scan.

Prior to the diagnoses, my dad’s only health concern was sharp shooting pain in his lower back which his MD said was due to the physical nature of his job, that it was simply a muscle issue and he needed physical therapy. No labs were done and his previous set in 2017 showed nothing of alarm. For him to begin PT his insurance had to “approve” therapy which took 8 weeks!!

A week before his initial appointment, an elder of our church called my mother and asked if she could come by and pray for him. When she arrived at the house that night, she brought 3 other elders to pray for my dad. When praying, one of the elders spoke in the Spirit, which was interpreted as “I will be with you all the way.”

After prayer, the elder told my dad, “Despite what the doctors are telling you, I feel led to tell you to get more extensive testing done.” My mother made him an appointment as soon as possible with his MD demanding further testing. This was how my dad discovered he has a mass in his pancreas which had metastasized to his liver and lungs – Stage 4.

What is the pancreas? And what’s its purpose?
The pancreas is an organ tucked between the stomach and spine, deep in the abdominal cavity. This digestive portion of the pancreas assists the stomach and small intestine by secreting specific digestive enzymes. The endocrine portion of the pancreas produces hormones, namely Insulin, which is heavily involved in glucose metabolism (blood sugars) and regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and other body functions.

Because of its placement within the body, it is extremely hard to detect with standard medical imaging often requiring specific blood tests or a focused abdominal MRI or CT to evaluate. Pancreatic cancer can be asymptomatic (you can’t feel it). Occasionally the first sign is abdominal pain or mid to lower back pain and muscle spasms (which my dad had, but the MDs wrote it off as “standard muscle pain from a labor job”)

Immediately my dad was referred to an oncologist who scheduled him for 8 weeks later.! (BUT GOD!) When the oncologist reviewed the CT, she rushed his initial appointment up to the following Tuesday. During the appointment my parents mentioned that I worked at a holistic integrative health center and I had questions about the diagnosis/therapeutic approach. The oncologist oncologist assured my parents that she would call personally to answer my questions… yet I never received the call from the oncologist.
With this, I decided to go with my dad to his next appointment. I began to ask about functional approaches to pancreatic cancer and alternative therapies. The oncologist said “Don’t you know that Chemotherapy works? We wouldn’t be offering it to people if it didn’t? Also, if the alternative therapies worked, we would be using them.” We finished the appointment with her agreeing to allow my dad to at least begin a parasite cleanse for now.
Within his first week of chemo, he was a shell of the man compared to his normal self. He wasn’t able to preach for over two weeks. He couldn’t eat. I won’t go into full detail, but the side effects of the poisonous chemotherapy was hitting him full force. He sat our family down and let us know, he was no longer going to take chemo and was going to lean on faith and natural remedies.

For the next two weeks, he completely cut sugars out. (Processed and even healthy sugar FEEDS cancer. Also, with pancreatic cancer, the pancreas is not able to process insulin correctly… causing cancer to grow more rapidly.) This also included cutting out all carbs, drinking only filtered water, incorporating raw vegetables and bone both in his diet. For supplementation, we added in the Eterna Line of Brain Magnesium and Digest All. Immediately he began to get his appetite back and gained a few pounds within the first week of stopping chemo and changing his diet!

We had a follow up visit last week and let me tell you… BUT GOD!! His labs were AMAZING. The nurses and doctors were astounded at my dad’s response saying, “You should be in more pain at the stage you’re at… and most pancreatic patients have developed Jaundice by now.”

The oncologist was so in awe of the labs, she referred my dad to her senior colleague in Charlotte so that he can review the improvements also. My dad is building a testimony on this journey, and I hope we can continue to be witnesses to the medical field that natural remedies and allowing the body to heal itself as God designed, DOES WORK!

There’s still a long road ahead for my dad, and that’s why I’m deciding to take this time to be with him and my family. I will still be here, just not full time as you are accustomed.

What I, and my dad have learned – Health is within you and you simply need to “release it.” Medicine only wants to cover up symptoms or use toxic medications to improve health (which can’t happen by design). Remember that faith without works is death. My dad is improving with an “impossible condition” because he had faith and is now implementing the works needed to allow his body to heal itself.

Life is such a precocious gift and I’m thrilled each of you are receiving chiropractic care. Do your functional labs annually and continue to follow your functional nutrition plan. Its greatly impacted my family and I know it will you and yours also.

The care and coaching at Cornerstone Health Center empowers us to take back the responsibility of our health and equips us with the knowledge and tools necessary to allow the body to heal itself thus obtaining optimum health.  

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