The Amazing Rife Machine

By Dr Ernst
May 1, 2017

In 1929, an inventor and scientist named Royal Rife released a new type of microscope that, at the time, was the most powerful microscope available. It enabled doctors, researchers and curious individuals to see much smaller microbes than before. It is no longer useful with the advent of electron microscopes and the like, but at the time, it was quite an advancement.

While interesting, this is far from Rife’s most significant contribution.

Two years later, Rife announced that using his new microscope technology, he had found what he called the “mortal oscillatory rate” for hundreds of different microbes. Essentially, Rife experimented with different sound and radio wavelengths until he found the frequency at which various microbes or cells would become agitated and die. Basically, they exploded under a certain frequency. And every microbe or type of cell had a unique frequency. Rife cataloged all of these frequencies, of course, and began marketing them to doctors and patients.

The Rife Machine is illegal to use for medical treatment in the United States by licensed physicians.


The story is one of intrigue and corruption involving the incredibly powerful American Medical Association lobby and the politicians who were in its pocket at the time. Essentially, a cure for hundreds of diseases would cost the medical community millions–if not billions–in pharmaceutical sales and treatments. The Rife Machine would have enabled people to basically become their own doctors and, once diagnosed, go home to their personal Rife Machines and cure themselves. Not a profitable prospect for an industry that makes money from stringing people along with medication life sentences and the idea that medical knowledge is so specialized that we must make doctors nearly financial elites in society.

Thankfully, there are thousands of testimonials from individuals who have used the Rife Machine to cure themselves of numerous ailments. Here is a fascinating story of a woman who, having been on antibiotics for six straight years in hopes of clearing up her acne, had completely trashed her intestines. The toxic buildup that resulted led to her having incurable Candida (yeast infections) and ultimately cancer that resulted in the removal of her gallbladder and a 50% chance of survival after the surgery. In a sad twist of fate, she also contracted Lyme Disease from a tick bite–a notoriously difficult pathogen to eradicate. Her own experiments with a Rife Machine cleared her of all of these illnesses.

Here is a website with hundreds of testimonials from Rife Machine users who have cleared everything from insomnia to cancer.

It is, however, a bit more complicated than simply tuning a Rife Machine to a certain frequency and waiting as it destroys all of the pathogens in your body. There are many considerations.

For example, if you killed all of the Lyme Disease bacteria in your body at once, it would result in a probably toxic overload that your immune system couldn’t manage all at once. A Rife Machine causes the “skin” of pathogens to rupture and leak their inner fluids into your body. It’s best to temper the treatments so as to only kill enough to give your immune system a chance to be prepared for an onslaught of pathogen toxicity.

It is also wise to oscillate the frequencies used so that pathogens don’t simply adapt (which they can do very quickly) and become immune to your treatments.

The fact of the matter is, Rife Treatments should be either thoroughly studied or administered by someone with a great deal of experience.

On the other hand, when you receive a Rife treatment for one type of pathogen, it very often kills other types in the process. We all have latent, low-grade infections in our bodies at all times. When these pathogens’ genetic material leaks into the system, your immune system creates a unique antigen that makes you immune to that pathogen for life. So, in a sense, “Rifing” works like an incredibly efficient vaccine.

It is unlikely this technology will be legal for mainstream medical use anytime soon–or ever–but you can still buy them online and use them privately, or there are treatment centers in places like Mexico or Thailand that are available to the public.

Perhaps someday we will be more interested in what works rather than what makes a few people a lot of money–but until then, you’ll have to wade through the draaronernst of public relations efforts against cures like this and in favor of the mainstream medical community. As with anything, remain critical and do your own research.

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