Diabetes is Not a Death Sentence

By Dr Ernst
October 9, 2017

Imagine this scenario… during a routine annual physical, blood work comes back abnormal and your doctor informs you that you are diabetic (or pre diabetic). He hands you a prescription with a smile, which seems to say, “No need to thank you for saving your life. I’m just doing my job.”

Maybe you have a sense of relief because finally there’s a reason you haven’t felt well, so you thank your doctor. Yet deep down, you have some concern about the medications so you ask “Hey doc, how long do I have to stay on the medication?”

“For the rest of your life, obviously.”

This scenario happens 3,800 times in the US every day according to diabetes.org.

But don’t be fooled. The truth is, diabetes is a disease and not a life sentence of medications and blood sugar monitoring. Up to 90% of all diabetes is 100% reversible – once you understand that medicine’s treatment of the disease is backwards.

Elevated Blood Sugars?

Medicine wants you to believe that elevated blood sugars is the cause of diabetes. While a rise in blood sugar is associated with diabetes, it is not the cause but rather a symptom of the cause.

Elevated A1C?

A1C is simply a measurement of the percentage of blood in your body that has a sugar molecule attached to it. Again, a symptom not a cause.

Decreased Insulin/Insulin Resistance?

Chances are you have been taught that blood sugars are elevated in diabetics due to the fact that they either have low insulin or the insulin they have isn’t registering–and that’s the cause of diabetes. Yet again, these are symptoms of the underlying cause, not the cause itself. This is the pharmaceutical sell – used justify medications that force sugars and A1C to lower numbers – only to make lab work look better. Again, symptoms, not cause.

The Real Cause Of Diabetes: A Un-Told Truth!

Diabetes is primarily caused by elevated cellular and systemic inflammation (67% of diabetics) and Toxin Induced Insulin Resistance (TIIR – 33% of diabet- ics). These two causes result in all previously mentioned symptoms.

Systemic Cellular Inflammation

When thinking of inflammation it’s common to picture a sprained ankle, swollen knee or joint. Although that is inflammation, it’s not the type to which I am referring. Time Magazine published an article in 2004 labeling systemic cellular inflammation a “silent killer” – connecting it to almost every known health condition today – including diabetes.

When the cells of your body are inflamed, their membranes become swollen preventing the influx and efflux of nutrients and toxins. Imagine blocking a chimney while the fire is active in the fireplace below. Very quickly the internal environment becomes very toxic. Inflammation has the same effect on your cells. Energy production, protein and fat metabolism all produce toxic byproducts that must be shuttled out of the cell. As inflammation increases, cellular function decreases ultimately resulting in cellular death or mutation towards disease.

Sources of Inflammation:

When it comes to inflammation there are “The Big Three”

  • Bad Fats: Fat has the ability to both inflame the cell or heal it, depending on the type of fat. Processed, manmade fats (chemically produced vegetable oils, canola, margarine etc) are one of the primary sources of inflammation as they are found in nearly all food products today – even health foods! Healthy natural fats (MCT, Coconut, Grass fed butter, flax, chia, hemp, etc.) are all used to combat inflammation when added to your daily intake.
  • Sugars: Ask any diabetic and they will tell you that sugars must be avoided. Yet the majority still eat grains (oatmeal, pasta, breads) and fruit as if they were not aware they have sugar too. In truth, anyone diagnosed with diabetes must be on a ZERO (0) sugar diet to begin the healing process.
  • Toxins: Toxins are ubiquitous. It’s almost impossible to avoid them in the modern world. Toxins have a unique ability to spike inflammation simply because of their chemical nature.

Toxin Induced Insulin Resistance (TIIR)

Various toxins have the ability to bind to the insulin receptor that is found on every cell in the body. These toxins include heavy metals, BPA, Phthalates, Dioxins, Pesticides/Herbicides (Roundup) as well as the thousands of known chemicals used in the majority of food preparation and household/beauty products. Once bound to the insulin receptor, they block the ability for insulin to interact with the cell, thus preventing the shuttle of sugar into the cell from the blood. Additionally, toxins are attracted to fats within the cell membrane, which creates inflammation of the membrane itself. Chronic inflammation has been shown to decrease receptor efficiency, further complicating the issue.

Pre diabetic/Diabetic – there is HOPE!

1.4 million new cases of diabetes diagnosed annually. 33% of Americans over the age of 50. Chances are you know someone with diabetes!

By addressing the CAUSE vs chasing symptoms diabetes is reversible! If you address the cause, you have the cure.

  • Cut out sugars of all kinds
  • Minimize exposure to toxins and run detox protocols on yourself
  • Address neurological interference

I have seen this principle play out hundreds of people I coach back to health. If you want individual coaching, get in touch and we’ll talk options.

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