Do You Fear the Unknown with Your Health?

By Dr. Chris Demczar
November 30, 2022

What is the Unknown in Your Life?

The unknown is theoretically infinite. There is no amount of substance or time that is known, so in theory everything can be unknown.

But in your life, how much is unknown to you? And how much of that unknown do you fear not knowing about? If this seems too abstract, let’s add some tangibility to it.

Do you fear your own death? We are here for just a blip compared to eternity. That’s a big one for most. Christian’s who know Jesus will not fear death. Remember John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Too deep? How about this one: Do you know how much money you will have when you retire? Do you know what your health status will be in the next 5 years?

These are a few that “fearful unknowns” to a large majority of us. The question is, should these things be unknown? Can you eliminate or change the variables on the unknowns so that you can move your life forward in a successful way?

Of course, you can!

In regards to money, you create a financial retirement plan set up. When it comes to relationships, you communicate more (more than you ever want to with your spouse and loved ones, but it works, doesn’t it?).

And, if you are unsure of the direction that your health is headed in the future, do you wait until something bad happens and react? That’s an extremely scary unknown!

Or do you plan to be as healthy and stay as healthy as possible now so that you can PLAN for continued health and wellbeing in the future.

Do you see it? The unknown is not meant to be scary, as you should fear nothing but the reception of God’s grace. Worldly pleasures that spoil are taken advantaged of in pursuit of happiness and that can lead you down a path that takes away from your purpose here in life, which limits your forward momentum in the future.

It is just like signing up for a life insurance policy; the policy is most lucrative to those who are in great health now and will be in great health in the future. Is that you?

If you’re a patient here at Cornerstone Health Center, you already are doing the most proactive step towards ensuring your health now, and in the future. Can something happen that can still drastically make your health turn in the wrong direction?

Yes, and that is part of the unknown that is infinite with possibilities. That said, turning the tide of your health in a direction most favorable to you is within your scope.

So then why is there a fear of the unknown for most? And why does that fear often paralyze us into spending years not acting to make a change for the better?

As time goes on this perpetual issue only is becoming more prevalent. The reason: there is more to consume your thoughts and your time now than ever before.

More news, more information coming across your screen trying to influence you, more pleasurable pursuits like games, sports, and entertainment to keep you occupied.

It is almost as if to say that society wants you to think, “I will spend my time enjoying the now, and will worry about planning for the success in my future another day.”

Another day will always be there, until the end of our time here on earth and most will never have taken any action to lessen the burden of all off the unknowns in life.

Do you SEE it? Society’s way of dealing with the fear of the unknown is to DISTRACT you now, so that the fear seems obsolete, and your worry is suppressed behind a veil of non-important pleasures.

You need to get ahead of society’s curse. Your need to not only have a plan to tackle your unknowns, but you have to have the idea that these unknowns exist, you have to think that they are bigger than you want them to be, and you have to be motivated to make changes.

Start by identifying the biggest unknowns in your life at this point in time. Let’s focus in on your health.

Are your current actions going to not only preserve, but improve your health into the future? What else should you be doing to ensure this?

There are so many different avenues you can go down. Remove a stress; change an eating habit; add in something to a create a new routine; read a new book; reboot your detox program, begin a detox program, change who you spend your time around; get adjusted and then adjusted again! The list can go on and on.

Regardless, recognize that you have to decide your stance on future unknowns? Do you fear what will happen to you in the future?

Do you know if you are set up for success? You better be given today’s climate in healthcare!

Remember: “Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

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