Why Do You Get Adjusted? An Introduction to the Need for Chiropractic Care

By Dr Ernst
October 15, 2020

This question, though a simple one, is quite profound when you really begin to think about it.


Is your visit today because something is “out,” “feels bad” or you “have something going on right here doc” as you point to a sore spot on your back. Are you getting your adjustment to have that thing you feel go away? Listen, I’m all for natural relief from those sorts of things but if you will indulge me for a moment… I HOPE THE ANSWER IS NO WAY!

Let me just give you my perspective. Why do I (Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C.) get adjusted?

I’m glad you asked! I get adjusted so that I never have to experience anything feeling “out,” “bad” or have to say “Dr. Forrest, can you look at this place right here?” I want real health!

I get adjusted because I understand that SUBLUXATION  can happen at any time, without any warning or noticeable feeling, which will rob my body of its ability to heal instantly (Health’s real definition).

Personally, I’m not ok with even 1% less of my natural ability to heal flowing through my spinal cord and central nervous system. Are you?

My prayer is that you’re getting adjusted for that – TO REMOVE SUBLUXATION (interference) so that your body can heal 24/7, 365 days a year!

Let’s look deeper into that word: sub·lux·a·tion

  • noun: misalignment of one or more vertebra in the spine with subsequent nerve irritation and/or damage.
    Root: Sub: Under/Less Lux: Light/Power Ation: denoting action.

I get adjusted so that I never have to experience an action (ation) of less (sub) power (lux)! I hope you are getting this! POWER! The power to heal. The power to reverse disease. The power to get off medications that you have been on for years. The power to keep your children well and never get any disease, ever! The kind of power that, when spoken, brought everything from nothing and breathed life into mankind from the dust of the earth. WOAH! THAT’S WHY I GET ADJUSTED! I want that!!!!

Think about it. Your body and your brain need to communicate. The brain needs to tell the many systems, and every single cell, in your body what to do. AND, your body’s cells and systems need to communicate status reports to your brain, i.e., “we’re damaged, we’re deficient, we’re doing great!” Whatever it is.

When there’s a subluxation, communication gets disrupted. Are your cells or systems damaged and they need extra care, a certain hormone, an immune response? How is your brain going to know how to send those things down the pipe? When you keep those channels of communication as open as you possibly can, messages, as well as crucial materials, get to where they need to be going.

That’s also why I pour time and energy into things that support my adjustment and help them to last longer. “What are those things?” you ask.

  1. Sticking to my adjustment schedule (Yes! Just like you, I too am on the schedule weekly for my power to be turned on! I will never miss it!)
  2. Doing my BEFORE (Traction/Wobble) and AFTER (Vibration with Head-weights) exercises every time I get adjusted.
  3. Doing my HOME EXERCISES. You bet! I sleep with my spinal pillows, have a traction unit hanging off my bathroom wall and the wobble/head-weights sit next to my bed. (Where do you keep yours? The closet?)
  4. Focusing on feeding my body with the Advanced Plan foods (no dairy, wheat, soy, corn or rice) lots of fats and proteins. That power has to be fed to work!
  5. Utilizing my resources and detoxification system.
  6. Daily Detox System
  7. Perfect Ratio Oil
  8. Men’s Raw Multivitamin
  9. Vitamin D3
  10. Daily Defense
  11. MaxGi
  12. CoQ10 + Lipoic Acid
  13. L-Glutamine
  14. 2 TBSP Coconut oil
  15. B-Complex w/Metfolin
  16. Perfect Protein

The best healthcare is preventative healthcare. Now, that is not to say you shouldn’t come get adjusted when something is “out” or feels off or you’ve had an injury. Please come in! We’ll take a look and there’s a very good chance we can fix you right up! But it is so much more important to be on the offense against health problems.

So finally, now back to you… WHY DO YOU GET ADJUSTED??

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