Get Ready – The “Flu Season” Is Almost Upon Us

By Dr Ernst
September 24, 2018

Sound the alarm! Summer is officially over, fall is upon us and in the world of conventional medicine it’s the “Flu Season.” Chances are you are already asking yourself – should I get the Flu Shot this year?


Debunking the Flu Season

The flu, and all viruses, bacteria and “invaders” are always in the air – 24/7, 365 days a year. There is no difference in the number of flu strains naturally occurring in May than there is in October. The difference is that in the latter part of the year our immune systems become taxed more than any other time.

This is due to temperature changes, shorter days and longer nights (decreased natural vitamin D production) and the ominous onslaught of “THE HOLIDAYS” You know what I mean – the self-spoken excuse as to why you can have another serving or indulge in that extra desert because “it’s the Holidays.” Americans consume more grains and sugar in the last 3 months of the year than they do the first 9 months.

This results in a severe weakness of immunity and the very same flu that was floating around in the summer (pushed back by your stronger immune system) now overtakes your system. In other words, your body and its immune system strength determines if this fall is going to be a “flu season” or not. Perhaps we should instead call this the “Immune Season” – so that you remember to do everything we can, plus some, to keep your immune system in tip to shape – not just for the flu – but for everything a weak immune system set us up for.


  1. CHIROPRACTIC CARE: Chiropractic care has been shown in countless studies to boost overall immune system power. Speaking of the flu, did you know that research conducted during the 1918 flu epidemic (the one that resulted in the world losing 1/3 its population) showed that patients who received chiropractic care were SIGNIFICANTLY less likely to die than those receiving medical care for the flu! For example, a study out of New York showed that 950 out of 10,000 died while under medical care whereas only 25 out of 10,000 died when using chiropractic care. All the more reason to stick with your adjustments this fall (and maybe consider adding a few more to your monthly schedule).
  2. FASTING: In 2016 Yoshinori Ohsumi, a Japanese Cell Biologist was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his discover that fasting resets and activates the immune system. His discovery brought to light the phenomenon that fasting activates “authophagy” the innate ability for your body to “eat” tissues that are foreign (flu viruses) or infected cells while overlooking healthy materials and normal cells. A 24 hour water or broth fast is one of the easiest ways for you to enhance your flu fighting power. Note: the longer you fast the stronger it gets – some even suggestion up to 300x when you fast for at least 3 days.
  3. PROBIOTICS: Thanks to the human microbiome project, we now know that up to 80% of your immune systems strength is related to the bacterial balance of your intestinal system. Restoring beneficial bacteria in your gut is another way to give your body a fighting chance this fall. A 2017 study showed that the Bacillus strains demonstrates significant anti-flu properties in particular. One word of caution when it comes to probiotics: do not take them daily for long period of time – this has been shown to cause an overgrowth of the strains consumed, which in turn weakens overall immunity by shifting your bacterial profile. Probiotics are best taken on rotation for 1-2 weeks at a time.
  4. ELDERBERRY: Elderberry is an herb that can deactivate the flu virus itself and enhance overall immune function. One study found that when 10-15ml of elderberry extract was taken 4 times daily for 5 days the flu ran its course an average of 4 days faster than those seeking traditional therapies.
  5. VITAMIN D: Vitamin D has been connected to the expression of more than 2,000 body functions, including the modulation of your immune system. Vitamin D deficiency is also of the main reasons the “flu season” is the last 90 days of the year. During this time the earth’s axis is sifted such that there is little to no UVB is in the light spectrum for any area north of the South Carolina/Georgia border. As such, even if there was a “warm winter day,” your exposure to sunlight won’t produce significant vita- min D. Thus the absolute need for supplementation at this time. Adult daily recommendation: 5-10,000 IU. Child daily recommendation 1-5,000 IU daily based on their age and weight.
  6. OREGANO OIL: Of all the plant-based oils, oregano has the highest natural antiviral properties. You can use it daily in your cooking as a dry spice or supplement directly. I like to use oregano both as a preventative (1-2 capsules daily) and as a therapeutic alternative to OTC flu medications (6-8 capsules daily). There is a significant amount of research backing its flu fighting properties and its simple to make: Place 5-10 drops into an empty veggie cap (Size 00 preferably) and fill the remainder of the capsule with MCT oil (also naturally antiviral). Consume as you would any other supplement.

These are just a few of many natural immune boosting techniques for you to implement. Looking for more? I’ll be reviewing my “Flu Shots” on this Wednesdays Lunch & Learn Live. These tasty 1-2 ounce elixirs are simple to make at home, taste great and provide a punch to any invading virus or bacteria.


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