How To Heal And Remove Cracked Heels For Good!

By Dr Ernst
September 6, 2022

Do you struggle with cracked heels. Do you know anyone that does? I can guarantee you that you will be blown away with how good your feet and heels look and feel once you follow the steps below and realize the truth your podiatrist and/or medical dermatologist do not want you know – it’s a fungal infection in your skin!

Therefore, those of you who have been buffing, sanding and pumicing your heels daily are not seeing any lasting improvement. You can’t buff out a fungal infection!

Fungal – are you serious? Like athletes’ feet fungus? YES – the only difference is the fungus is growing in the layers of your heel skin which have very little sensory nerve endings, so, unlike your toes which are loaded with nerve endings, you can’t really feel the “burning/itching” that you would associate with athlete’s foot. Thus… the fungal infection can go on for weeks, months and even years without you knowing it!

What Causes Cracked Heels?
Google and your MD will say heel skin cracks under the pressure of your weight or lack of you caring for your skin (washing, moisturizing etc). They may even say it’s from you walking barefoot too much (as if that was ever a bad thing!). The truth – it’s simply an infection of the deep layers of your heel skin by dermatophytes – fungal organisms that thrive in closed, warm, moist environments and feed on keratin, a protein found in calloused skin (aka your heels).

How To Remove Cracked Heels For Good?
Now that you realize it’s really a fungal infection of the skin – therapy is simple – anti fungal techniques to address the cause, rather than the symptoms (dry, cracked skin). Here’s some simple at home techniques you can do immediately to have your heels heal (that’s fun to say isn’t it) and get rid of cracked dry heel skin once and for all!

  1. Wash Your Feet!
    It seems obvious… but did you know the average American washes their hands 10 times a day while washing their feet only once per day (ie when they shower)!. Even then, most people do not “scrub” their
    their feet like they do their hands. As such, your feet often go neglected when it comes to basic feet washing. Increase the number of times you wash your feet, perhaps even just a good foot wash when you get home and again before you go to bed. Trust me, it seems strange but then again it also seems strange not to!
  2. Address The Fungal Source
    Obviously, the fungus is coming from inside your body as you don’t usually have fungus on the external part of your skin. The most common source of body fungus is S.I.F.O. aka “small bowel fungal overgrowth” where the small amounts of health occurring fungus blooms into an overgrowth. This can lead to fungal throat, mouth and even vaginal yeast infections. Using natural anti-fungal enzymes and anti-fungal oils (coconut, oregano and turmeric) can help to control this along with a “anti-fungal” diet – which is usually very low carb and low yeast (cheese, wine, beer and bread are gone).
  3. Anti-Fungal Oil Treatment
    Once you have cleaned your feet/heals very well, use a callus file or pumice stone to scratch open the heel skin then massage into it a blend of coconut oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, patchouli, palmarosa and/or lemon oil. The oils will seep into the small cracks and help to eliminate the fungus growing within the skin. Do this both in the morning and evening.
  4. Garlic Therapy (Inside & Out)
    Garlic is perhaps one of the strongest anti-fungal foods you can consume. Take 1-2 cloves of smashed garlic and press it into a veggie cap. Do this daily for 4 weeks. In addition, take 3-4 cloves of smashed garlic and mix it with 1 tsp of avocado oil and apply that nightly to your heels for 30 min before sleeping.
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Soak
    This works – but it’s not your OTC hydrogen peroxide which is only at 3% strength. Purchase 12% food grade peroxide from Place equal amounts of water and 12% H2O2 into a medium size bowl and soak your heels for 20-30 min. The extra oxygen molecule is extremely anti-fungal and will quickly eliminate all crack-casing fungus from your skin. Note, you can also to an internal H2O2 therapy with the help of a functional physician who can guide you through using 35% food grade peroxide and a titration program to naturally remove the yeasts from within your body in just 60 days!
  6. Fungal Detox with “YeastGI”
    We have finalized a new Eterna Product – YeastGI – a proprietary blend of Undecylenic & Caprylic oil, Uva-Ursi, Cat’s Claw and Pau D’Arco extracts – each of which help to target and eliminate dermatophytes found in the gastric system and skin! Simply take 2/day for the first 30 days then 1/day for the next 30 days to remove fungal overgrowths from within the body. Your heels will naturally heal, cracks will dissolve, and your feet can look and feel 20-30 years younger!
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