These Really Cool People Want to Tell You Something

By Dr Ernst
April 3, 2017

Between my radio show, these posts, my events, my social media efforts and even simply just talking to people at the clinic, there is still only so much I can do and say to convince people to live a holistic, health-conscious lifestyle. Sometimes it takes appealing to a higher (or in this case, more famous) authority to get people on board.

In my travels, I’ve come across several celebrities advocating similar lifestyles, and I just thought that if this is what it takes for some readers to make a positive shift in their lives, then more power to them!

Princess Di

Perhaps the modern era’s most famous member of the British Royal Family, who died tragically in a car accident in Paris in 1997, was a proponent of natural and holistic healing methods. When ill, Princess Di preferred herbal treatments before conventional medicine and was a regular at Chinese medicine clinics where she was said to have preferred reflexology treatments and colonic hydrotherapy.

Elle MacPherson

One of the world’s most famous super models with staying power well beyond most women in her industry must have a secret. As it turns out, Ms. MacPherson would be something of a dream patient at our clinic! She is a big fan of acupuncture and herbal remedies. She has spoken about how she makes sure to constantly be drinking water. She has spoken out about the importance of organic food (as well as avoiding processed foods) and when it comes to exercise, Elle has advocated a gentler form of movement that doesn’t cause stress to the body.

Nick Nolte

This veteran actor and three-time Academy Award nominee has taken an alternative health approach to life. Acknowledging the power of oxygen, Nolte undergoes regular oxygen hyperbaric chamber therapy among taking a good regimen of vitamins and supplements. He says, “I wanted to live the best I could at the moment. I wanted to live as healthy as I could.”

James Hetfield

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist for heavy metal supergroup, Metallica, is all about health these days. He said in an interview, “Instead of the booze and pills it’s the health stuff; we’re addicted to that.” Hetfield drinks vegetable juices, participates in acupuncture and reflexology and gets regular chiropractic care. He says he is much happier and healthier than in his hard-partying days, which has some fans worried that he won’t be able to write such angsty, dark songs, but Hetfield isn’t worried. The hits keep coming despite his new approach to life.

Christy Turlington

In the late 90s, Turlington had come to a point in her modeling career where she realized being healthy, beyond just to the point of looking good, was not valued. She took a few years off and began to study philosophy and yoga and ayurveda–an ancient Indian philosophy and lifestyle that encourages, among other things, yoga and a certain diet catered to one’s body type. Now, health is central to Turlington’s life.

Morgan Freeman

The world’s most famous voice has shared that rather than take a mainstream approach to his fibromyalgia, he finds the use of medicinal marijuana to be more effective and less disruptive to his health than prescription medication.

Jessica Alba

The movie star has been very outspoken about food toxicity–among other things–and her company helps to promote and sell non-toxic products. She has acknowledged that it can be very difficult to find these sorts of products, but she’s happy that she and her company can help in some small way.

There are more celebs interested in natural therapies and clean eating–probably most to be honest. Hollywood is big on spreading alternative cultural outlooks. And that’s awesome! What a great world it would be if eating well, participating in preventative measures to protect your health, and bucking America’s addiction to prescriptions were “mainstream” instead of “alternative!”



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