Natural Remedies That Can REVERSE Hair Loss

By Dr Ernst
July 27, 2016

Oh, the dreaded male pattern baldness! Sometimes you can see it in babies, and we secretly think to ourselves: “Poor kid…”

But it’s not necessarily genetic inevitability, though yes if your father or grandfathers went bald, you’re certainly more likely to do so as well. But there are other factors as well. Having an overactive thyroid is a big contributor to hair loss. When women reach menopause, hormonal shifts can cause hair loss as well. Skin diseases that affect the scalp (psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, etc.) can cause scarring that results in hair loss. Many of the medications on the market today contribute as well: anticoagulants, gout medications, beta-blockers, angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, hormone therapies, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants.

But the real cause of hair loss is usually a loss or drop in the production of proteins active in your hair follicles. Or there might be an essential nutrient deficiency. These things can be helped, as can simply promoting a healthy scalp–all of which helps you to keep the hair you have, and even grow it back.

  1. Chinese Hibiscus – The petals of this flower are known to promote hair growth, thicken the hair and even reverse grey hairs. Take ten or so petals, boil them briefly, then strain out the water and petals to get the remaining oil. Put the oil in your hair at night before bed.
  2. Flaxseeds – This is one of the world’s rare but powerful “superfoods.” One of its many benefits comes from Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to promote hair growth and thickness.
  3. Licorice Root – Get it in its powdered form, mix a TBSP with about a cup of milk and a touch of saffron to make a paste. Rub the paste in the affected areas and keep it on for a few hours two times a week. It works wonders on dandruff as well.
  4. Aloe Vera – This is perhaps the simplest (and very effective) ways of addressing hair loss. Go buy some aloe vera cream or juice, rub it through your hair and leave it in for a few hours. You can do this every day if you like. It will make your hair softer, reduce any inflammation or irritation in your scalp and regrow hair. But its main benefit is reducing pH levels in your scalp, which creates an optimal environment for hair growth.
  5. Coconut milk – You can buy it straight from the grocery store (or you can make it by simmering coconut flakes in water for 5 minutes and straining it). Simply apply it to your scalp about 20 minutes before you take a shower and wash it out with shampoo when you’re done.
  6. Indian Gooseberry – There are many hair growth-promoting properties of this berry. First of all, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and antioxidants address the potential nutrient deficiency and toxicity issues that may be contributing to your hair loss. Second, it helps you to exfoliate, get rid of dead cells and make way for new growth. Mix the juice and pulp with lemon juice (equal parts) and apply it to your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it overnight. Do this once a week or so for great results.
  7. Vegetable juices – Drinking juiced veggies is a great way to make sure you’re not nutrient deficient. This is great for every aspect of your health, but for your hair, you need to have sufficient amounts of protein, potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and calcium. Drink juiced beets, carrots, spinach, and alfalfa and don’t worry about it!
  8. Fenugreek – Here are the big guns. This stuff contains hormone-assisting compounds, special proteins, and nicotinic acid–all for the purpose of promoting YOUR hair growth. Because life’s just like this, it happens to be the most complicated process-wise. Here’s how you do it: take your fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. In the morning, grind them into a paste and put them in your hair. Put a shower cap on and let it sit for 40 minutes. Do it every day for 1 month and report back. We love to see people blown away by positive results.

Those are our remedies. Find us on Facebook ( if you have any more. We’d love to hear from you.

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