Self-Healing Requires An Understanding Of The Brain-Body Connection

By Dr Ernst
September 26, 2022

Your brain does so much more than you or others give credit. Not only is it the central processing unit for all systems in your body it is also doing hundreds (if not more) complex things we have yet to discover.

Your brain-body connection is the intimate and complex dance that takes place every nanosecond of every moment of your existence on this earth. The nervous extension of the brain weave through every organ system and cell you have.

The hormones it produces create countless interactions in your body – everything from how you feel to how you burn fat for energy and even reproduce.

The thoughts your brain produce can even affect your body – negative thoughts produce feelings which result in stress, pain, and disease. Positive thoughts can lead to decreases in pain, elevations of mood and affect and even the reversal of incurable conditions.

I hope you will agree with me that your brain is a big deal – and that you must pay attention to its function when you are venturing into the world of self-healing – after all it’s the one controlling everything happening inside your body.

Can Your Thoughts/Feelings Really Impact Your Health?

Emotions like fear, sadness, guilt, anger, and depression can manifest within the body and contribute to disease and imbalances.

You more than likely already know the effect fear can have on an upset stomach or how tension can lead to shoulder/neck pain and/or headaches.

When you experience emotional states, your body reacts physically.

Did you know that constant worry and stress over your finances can lead to back pain that will not respond to stretching, massage, yoga or even chiropractic care?!

How about when a relationship is strained the physical effects can lead to elevations in stress hormones which cause weight gain, fatigue, elevations in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and even liver enzymes!

One research study found that cardiovascular disease – aka hardening of the arteries, was more frequent in wives when they expressed hostility during marital arguments/disagreements. Of interesting note, the same study showed hardening of arteries in towards them.

The brain/mind is powerful and it’s no surprise it can have such a huge effect on the body. By understanding your brain-body connection, you can look to use tools that help support overall well-being and promote a stronger connection between your brain and your organs/body/health.

How to Enhance Your Brain Body Connection In 3 Easy Steps

  1. To begin you must take a moment of self-reflection.

What do you say to yourself, in your head? Are you a general “worry wort” or “negative Nancy?” Watch out for what you say when no one is listening. Steven Furtick, lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC has an exceptional book called “Crash the Chatterbox” where he describes the importance of catching every thought, holding it captive as if you were to interrogate it “Are you a thought from GOD or the DEVIL.”

If it’s a thought from God, you will know it and you should keep it/act on it. If it’s from the Devil, you should strangle it into submission then release it for the lie it is!

One quick way to know a God thought vs a Devil thought – Gods thoughts are always about connection, compassion, grace, togetherness, abundant love etc (almost always positive about yourself and others). The Devils are quite the opposite, obviously.

  1. Increase The Communicative Signal Strength

You are a “wired” human being – your brain has one of the most important wires of all connected to it – your brainstem/spinal cord – each of which also have “wires” coming off of them to every square inch of the frame you call you! Ensuring those wires are firing on all cylinders is the core philosophy of Chiropractic care.

PS. Chiropractic care isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity – you can’t function with optimum Brain-Body connection if you are Subluxated – ie out of sync between the messages from your brain to your body. Considering that 99% of all humans fail a test for Subluxation it’s well worth being under the care of a Subluxation Based chiropractor – after-all you check your eyes, lungs, breasts/colons, prostates and more annually – why not your brain/spine too! Properly applied chiropractic increases the brain-body signal strength as close to 100% as possible

  1. Seal and Heal Your Gut

Did you know that your intestines and your brain are related – literally they are brother and sister. When you were embryologically forming brain cells and gut cells were mixed, and now science is discovering you do have a type of brain cells in your gut!

Therefore, 90% of neurotransmitters are made in your gut, not your brain! If you want a healthy brain, you need a healthy gut, and vice versa. Research has connected nearly every major chronic health issue and disease with a leaky, infected intestine – including heart disease, thyroid disease, cancer and even simple issues like eczema and allergies!

Considering your gut is now referred to as “the second brain” it’s worth taking some time to seal and heal your intestines, after all 90% of everyone we test as new patients has a gut issue.

For more info on how to heal your gut CLICK HERE

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