Spending The Right Amount On Your Health

By Dr. Chris Demczar
October 18, 2022

Don’t Make it About Money

Did you read the title, and immediately jump to the thought of MONEY?? Isn’t it crazy that you have been conditioned to think about money when it comes to certain words such as ‘cost’, ‘spend’, ‘pay’, and even ‘give’ which can all too quickly be associated with money.

Is money really the BIGGEST factor that you could be focused on when it comes to your health?

Every person is born with the FREE opportunity for the best health possible. Minus very rare genetic complications, which only affect ~2% of the population, or certain traumas your life, you are given God’s blessing of healthy start in this world. How is that your free health can become such an expense at some point throughout your life?

Did you think about money again? Wrong! What is the real cost, the real expense of losing your health? Your realization of this will change your perspective about keeping yourself healthy if it hasn’t already.

For any of you who are active patients at Cornerstone Health, you should be able to recognize the real toll that losing your health in some capacity has had on your life.

This predicament, however, is easily trumped by the opportunity to heal naturally, as your body is designed to, and real healing truly should cost you way less than you think it does.

The Real Cost

When it comes to your health, it’s not about what you gain, but what you do not lose as you go through the journey of life. You did not lose the ability to regulate your blood sugar, or blood pressure appropriately.

You did not lose the capacity to absorb the proper nutrients through your intestines. Here is the biggest one of all – you did not lose the ability to send appropriate signals throughout your central nervous system!!!

If you were to maintain all of what I mentioned above and more, you would call yourself healthy, right? If you never lost the perfect health that you started out with, you would always be healing, and you wouldn’t need to go down the path to GAIN back what you have lost. So, if the real cost of your health isn’t money, when your health goes sideways, what is the real cost then?

The real cost is your TIME and your ENERGY.

Wait, what do you mean, time and energy? Think about it this way. You are playing a strategy game. A classic favorite is RISK. Based on a dice roll you get to do different things to try and conquer your opponent’s land.

But you need to plan and make decisions about the unknown (future dice rolls) to try and get ahead of your opponents to conquer more land than them. If all goes well, and you roll the perfect dice, you will quickly take over the land and win the game. The perfect scenario, right?

But if the rolls do not go well, your opponent will start to get the better of you, and this is where the game gets longer and longer and decisions get more difficult as you try to find a way to regain any edge over your opponent and pull out the victory.

WHEW! And by the end of what is often a 5-hour game, what has been lost? At surface level, the winners and losers of the actual game win and lose nothing, outside of pride.

But on a deeper level, think of the time and the energy that was required to complete that game. Five hours of time, and thousands of thoughts and decisions. It is in this manner that you should view your health.

You have a finite amount of time in your life and based on the decisions you make day to day, that time will not be extended, but can be shortened. Biblically, Genesis 6:3 says, “My Spirit will not struggle with humans forever, because they are flesh and blood.

They will live 120 years.” Things that you do may summate to shorten the amount of time you have on this earth. The double-edged sword to this is that there is a time-cost to doing the things that are unhealthy as well. How much time are you spending sedentary?

How much time are you spending having a negative, self-centered, non-growth oriented mindset?? The monetary cost of each of these things are free, but the time cost of these things that will have a profound NEGATIVE impact on your health is immense!

Based on this, the question you need to ask yourself is…”Do I purposefully do things that will help me to fulfill Gods promise to let me live for 120 years, and in the same manner reject doing things that will take away from that?”

Understanding this concept will help you to see the massive turn around your health can have when you trade your time in from doing things that hinder your health in anyway, to things that enhance it.

Everything you do in life has an energy cost. Even to think, is not free from the energy cost. In fact, the main reason we sleep at night is to remove the energy creation waste products form our brain.

So how you spend your energy will dictate everything about your physiology. Here is the catch however. Everything you think you are doing to better your health can also go against it.

That exercise that is ‘healthy’ can also lead to injury. The warm-up before your adjustment, if not done with perfect intentionality of decompressing the spine, can allow you to become more complacent and put you in a more compromised position than you were originally intending for.

How do you utilize your energy that you are putting out into the world?

The funny thing about energy is that you are being programmed through society to take the path of least resistance, and that never turns out well for your health.

Our body is designed to stay vibrating at a higher energy state, when we do things that allow our cells to vibrate at that capacity. The problem is that ‘the path of least resistance’ helps lower to vibratory state, and thus our health opportunity.

For example, compare eating fast food to cooking at home, watching a reality tv show for entertainment versus reading a book on bettering yourself, spending your thoughts thinking about hating an outcome instead of planning your next move (like in the game of Risk).

What things are you doing to spend your energy that is raising the energy state of your body, and of your health?

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