The State of Health Today Pt. 6: What’s New in Health and Nutrition

By Dr Ernst
February 16, 2018

Every now and then, there is an overwhelming amount of interesting developments in health–some encouraging and some less so. And while each item doesn’t necessarily warrant its own post, it is worth aggregating a few pieces of health information and discuss them. So let’s do just that!

Science discovers diabetes can be reversed with dietary changes

This is one of the positives for today’s post. Of course, we reverse diabetes all the time at our clinic, but it’s nice to see the scientific community getting on board as well.

A new study, just released by health journal, The Lancet, successfully put 47 diabetics in remission simply by getting them to lose weight. This accounts for 46% of the 149 participants who were not part of the control group–meaning they were supervised in a weight loss program where most lost 15kg (33lbs) or more. They found the more weight that was loss, the more likely the patient was to enter remission from diabetes and no longer need their medication.

The “Findings” section of the study is the best:

“Our findings show that, at 12 months, almost half of participants achieved remission to a non-diabetic state and off antidiabetic drugs. Remission of type 2 diabetes is a practical target for primary care.”

You see that? Remission is a practical target… 

I would have to agree!

Toxic water an epidemic in rural America

A new exposé released by Mother Jones indicates that more than 5,000 rural communities (meaning they serve 500 people or fewer) do not have access to clean water.

Toxicity ranges from fertilizer and livestock waste runoff to heavy metals from mining operations to carcinogenic byproducts from nearby coal plants.

These communities are largely concentrated in the upper Midwest (The Dakotas, Iowa, Indiana) and Appalachia.

Often these communities are isolated and don’t have the funds to improve their resource acquisition, leading to millions of “forgotten” Americans who have no choice but to cook, drink and bathe in toxic water.

Energy drinks on the chopping block in the UK

The UK has passed a law making it illegal to buy sell energy drinks to customers under 16. Interestingly, it was the energy drink companies themselves that spurred the movement. They decided to self-label their product as “High caffeine content. Not recommended for children or women who are pregnant or nursing.”

The UK government simply thought they would enforce the warning label.

Interestingly, this comes right before a nationwide soda tax is about to take effect in their country.

While there is a legitimate debate to be had about whether or not governments should determine who can consume what, it is certainly encouraging that governments are starting to take steps to protect their citizens’ health.

“Scary” flu season?

Apparently, we are experiencing a rather nasty flu season. And I have been noticing a lot of stories of people dying from the flu this year–whether or not that’s from the flu itself or the medications people are taking for it, it’s hard to say.

Nevertheless, they are finding that the flu vaccine is only 36% effective–which is definitely not high enough to justify the very real risks that accompany taking this vaccine.

Some doctors are even recommending taking a SECOND flu vaccine this year just in case the first one “wore off.”

Whenever it comes to the flu, I’m always moved to mention this amazing study from the early days of chiropractic. In 1918, when the Spanish flu was killing thousands of Americans, chiropractors in the small town of Davenport, IA put MDs to shame. In Davenport, MDs treated 4,593 cases of Spanish flu and 273 of their patients died.

Chiropractors at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport treated 1,635 cases of Spanish flu and only reported one death. Medical: 6% death rate. Chiropractic: .0006% death rate.

That’s the power of turning on the body’s natural immunity and simply making room for people to heal themselves.

With that, we leave you for now with the State of Health! At some point, no doubt, enough news items will catch our eye that we’ll do part 7. We hope to see you there.


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