Structured Water: What Is It? Why Do I Need It? How Do I Get Some?

By Dr Ernst
July 19, 2017

Let’s talk about water. More specifically, let’s talk about structured water.

The reason I want to talk about structured water is that drinking it is a fantastic way to boost your energy, help your digestion, improve brain function, elevate your mood, help you to get better sleep, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, and even lose weight.

What is structured water?

It is a lot like how it sounds. It is structured. It is more organized. And it is more suited for what your body needs water to do.

As you might know, water has energy. It has an electrical charge. Imagine each water molecule like a battery: one side has a positive charge; another has a negative charge. Imagine a piece of electronics (a boombox… or a Bluetooth speaker more accurately these days) that takes batteries. Sometimes they go side-by-side, but sometimes you line those batteries up in a row. The negative side of one battery touches the positive side of the next battery. This allows the electricity to flow from one battery to the next.

Water molecules in the body work in the exact same way. Energy flows through water molecules between proteins and acids inside of our cells. This allows for everything within the cell—and the entire body—to function well. There is a transfer of nutrients, information, smooth functioning of chemical processes, the passage of materials into and out of cells, etc.

But the energy has to come from somewhere, right? (This doesn’t refer to glucose energy or ketone energy you get from the food you eat. Rather, it’s electrical energy present in chemical bonds and often used by the body.) Just like every living thing on Earth, the energy we use comes from the sun. Even worms, moles, and fish that live deep in the ocean live off of the energy from the sun in indirect ways.

The problem is, in the modern world, too many of us spend our time indoors in our homes and offices and gyms. We don’t get outside enough where we can move around, generate kinetic and static electricity and absorb enough energy from the sun.

The same goes for our water. When it’s taken from filtration plants, run through pipes through cities and comes out of a faucet into our glass or bottle, it loses a lot of that natural energy it has picked up from the sun. The water molecules themselves don’t stick together as well and the water itself becomes disorganized, or “unstructured.”

How can we re-structure our water?

It’s really easy actually! There are two ways that you can do separately or even combine them.

The first is to make a “sole.” Here’s a formal recipe. But simply put, you take a piece of Himalayan sea salt, roughly the size of the palm of your hand, put it into a 1 quart Mason jar filled almost to the top with filtered water, put it outside in direct sunlight for 12 hours, shake it up until the salt dissolves and drink it.

The reason this works is that salt crystals are held together by electrical and magnetic energy that, when dissolved, gets passed on to water molecules. It’s the bond of a positive sodium ion and a negative chloride ion. The sunlight adds that necessary energetic spark that gets the molecules moving toward each other and organizing themselves into structured water.

The second method is to simply stir your water in the sunlight. For example, take a glass of water, go outside with a spoon and slowly stir the water until you get a vortex. Do it for five minutes or so and you’ve got structured water.

The energy from friction and movement, combined with sunlight, is what structures the water.

To combine them, go outside and stir in your water with the addition of a couple of tablespoons of sea salt.

Try it for 5-7 days and I guarantee you’ll feel a big difference.

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