The Real Awesome Power of Chiropractic Care

By Dr Ernst
June 4, 2018

WARNING THIS MIGHT SOUND LIKE A RANT BECAUSE IT IS… SO BUCKLE UP BECAUSE HERE GOES…. Last week one of our practice members asked me to “crack his neck.”

Seriously? In my world you crack the shell of an egg to get the yolk and whites out. (i.e., break the shell). You snap a twig in half when breaking it. What would you do if I told you I wanted to “crack” your neck today?

It’s quite common for me to hear the following statements:

“Good morning doc, I need you to really crack my neck today, it’s stiff.” -or- “Doc, I didn’t hear my neck crack – is that it? Are you sure you got it?” -or- “Doc, I’m bringing my kids in next week to see if they need to have their backed cracked.”

Can I be open and honest with you for a moment? Every time I hear these statements it sends shivers down my spine as I say to myself, “If everyone knew what I know, it would change their life forever and you would NEVER say “crack” when referring to an adjustment of the spine.” This is one of the reasons I love being a chiropractor; because when you release interference in the nerve system, the body heals better than before.

The next time you wonder why your spine needs to be popped, twisted or cracked, or “is that it?” somehow slips out of your mouth, please refer to this newsletter and the image above.

It took the time to put this together so you can see the subluxation is a highly complex entity with profound implications. Now on to the second part of my rant. Many times after I adjust you, I might say “Rise and be healed” or “your power is now on.”

Last week a practice member asked me, “What do you mean when you say that?”

My first thought was, “Wow.. did I forget to tell them about God’s Healing Power which is found in all living things?” So here goes…

Is it possible to be healthy while eating sick plants from toxic soil, eating sick animals (chickens, cows, fish etc), sitting on the couch and not exercising, having constant automatic negative thoughts and living a stressed-out life, taking multiple medications, exposing yourself to toxic cleaners and self-care products, all the while having interference to your nervous system which controls the function and healing of your body?

These stresses cause subluxation (irritation on spinal nerves and or the spine itself – see the image included in this post). Subluxation interferes with the power of your nervous system to control your body. If the lights in the building go out right now, what would you do? Change light bulbs? Call an electrician? Light a fire? Ignore it and keep on doing what you are doing?

No, you would find a flash light and check the fuse box! If you found a blown fuse you would “adjust” it from the off position to the on position – turning the “power back on.” This is checking the source to see if there is an interference.

Do you look at your body in the same way? (I do!) If you have headache, your blood pressure is high, your digestive system isn’t normal, you aren’t feeling well, what do you do? Take a medication? Ignore it?

That’s like changing light bulbs when the power goes out. Check your fuse box! Your fuse box is your spine, God even made it look that way! Your brain is your power supply. Your spine and spinal cord are the fuse box and the nerves are the electrical wires carrying the power. If this system gets damaged or blocked, your body has a power problem! Turn the power on! When you flip on a light switch or breaker the power is on!

This picture is me with The Blessings (What An Awesome Last Name – Right!?). Tammy had been dealing with type II diabetes, high blood pressure and some other health issues. Did her MD check to see what was causing these (i.e., loo

king for source interference)? Only in their way – Lab Tests and Medications to make numbers look good. For years she was managing her conditions. Then we found interferences (subluxations) in her neck and back that were “turning the lights off” to her heart and pancreas. Once we adjusted her (with no cracking involved), the power that made her body turned on and said “I got this. I can now “see” the heart and pancreas, I can now “electrify them” to make them work well” And thats exactly what

happened. BP to normal and her Type II diabetes GONE (the picture is her labs showing her A1C and glucose back to normal) in less than 90 days. Only HE can do that!

When I adjust your spine and remove interference the power is on! It’s like flipping a bad fuse breaker! In that moment, the adjustment releases pressure off your nervous system and frees up the wires to allow the power from your brain INSTANTLY to all parts of your body. This gives LIFE to your organs and every a fresh breath of universal power to all cells in your body. This is why the adjustment is the single most powerful thing you can do for your health every week.

Get adjusted. The Power’s On. All else follows. That is IT.

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