What’s the Point of Standing On a Vibrating Plate?

By Dr Ernst
June 12, 2017

It’s come to my attention that I only quickly explain why I have my patients stand on a vibe plate after their adjustment. So lets discuss the benefits of using the vibe plate and how to do it properly to maximize your health outcomes!

What is a vibe plate?

It is a metal plate, usually 18-24 in. square that sits a few inches off the ground. Somewhere on the plate will exist controls that dictate the amount of time the plate vibrates.

Benefits of a vibe plate to general health

Spending 15 minutes or so a week on a vibe plate has a wide range of benefits outside of the benefits to your spine and neurological system (which we’ll get to later). Beyond that, vibing:

  • Strengthens bones and muscles – Any normal exercise routine causes the contraction and expansion of your muscles at a rate of about 2-3 times per second. A vibe plate has your muscles contracting and expanding at 20-30 times per second, and at a micro level where most exercise can’t simulate.
  • Release of two powerful hormones – Studies have shown that vibration stimulates the release of HGH (the hormone that makes your bones and muscles grow and become stronger) and serotonin, that feel-good, happy hormone.
  • Better metabolism – Use of a vibe plate consistently over time causes stronger muscles, better blood circulation and, as a result, an increased metabolism.
  • Better cardiovascular health – Vibing opens up blood vessels and increases blood flow, which leads to better oxygenation throughout the body and more elastic and strong vascular walls.
  • Joint pain relief – Increased blood flow sends oxygen and water to the joints, as well as helps to flush the toxins out of your joints. This is all good, but what you’ll notice is less pain.

Spinal and neurological benefits

Let’s paint a picture. We’ll call it: “A Tale of Two Chiropractors.” The first doesn’t have a vibe plate; the second does.

You go to the first chiropractor and get your adjustment. You hear that familiar crack. You feel good as you expect to. You leave. A day or two goes by and you feel like you need another adjustment. Years and years go by and nothing ever seems to get better – you’re just treading water.

Of course, this might be due to the type of chiropractic you’re receiving, whether or not you do anything personally to better your situation or your lifestyle. But we’re assuming that all things are equal here other than the vibe plate, so bear with me.

See, what happened is your chiropractor slid your spinal bones into place and sent you on your way, hoping for the best. Imagine if you stir up a plot of dirt and it’s much more fluffy and loose than it was before. When it was hard-packed dirt in your garden, nothing disturbed it. The soil stayed in place until you came along with a shovel. If you leave that dirt alone for a few weeks or a couple of months, it’s going to settle right back to where it was before.

When you get an adjustment, then go about your day, your bones are going to want to return to where they are used to being. Give it a few days or a week and they will be exactly where they were before.

The second chiropractor gives you an adjustment, sets you up with some weights and has you stand on a vibe plate for 5 minutes or so. This is like packing the dirt in your garden. Where you put it, consciously, is where it will now stay. When the second chiropractor moves the bones, the vibe plate settles them into place, enabling a more permanent change for the better. Over time, you’re actually healed rather than stuck in an endless loop of adjustments.

Will you need maintenance every now and then? Of course! Life doesn’t stop. You still go out into the world and get jostled around. Maybe you sit at a desk all day. Maybe you get into a minor car accident. Maybe you play a sport. In any case, you should have at least monthly adjustments after you’re sure everything has been put in its right place–and it is solidly there thanks to a chiropractor that uses a vibe plate.


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