Thurs. Aug. 18th – Q&A with Dr. A Episode 9

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Questions Answered During This Episode:

  1. Is it safe to use induction cooktops, or are they as bad as microwave ovens?
  2. My brother-in-law has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. What things can I do to make sure I will not have the same outcome?
  3. I’m a vegetarian – it’s a very healthy diet, but I’m having trouble losing weight. What’s going on?
  4. What is the best brand of MCT oil? There are so many and they all seem the same.
  5. What proof is there that eating beef that has been given hormones and antibiotics has a negative effect on you? Any studies? Can you cook the beef at a high enough temperature to kill off the negative effects of these drugs that could be passed to you when you eat it?
  6. Calcium score in one artery is high but cholesterol is perfect. Do you have a suggestion to help lower that score?
  7. My son and my nephew both get an irritation in their mouth when they eat apples and peaches. Even when they are organic it still happens. What is this allergic reaction to?? And what does it tell them about their body health?